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Greensky Bluegrass, The Wailers, Anders Osborne & More To Headline Rooster Walk Festival

first_imgRooster Walk Music & Arts Festival is back for its ninth year at the pastoral Pop’s Farm in Martinsville, Virginia, and just announced its official line-up for this year’s festival. Slated for Memorial Day weekend, Rooster Walk is set to be better than ever, with a diverse line-up featuring some of our favorite performers from across a number of different genres. Rounding out the headlining spots are Greensky Bluegrass, The Wailers, and Anders Osborne. The weekend will also see The Motet, The Pimps of Joytime, Eric Krasno Band, The Nth Power, Mandolin Orange, Anderson East, Marcus King Band, Mountain Heart, Mipso, Yarn, and many other artists grace the festival’s five stages.Running from May 25th through May 28th, the festival attendees will fill their days not just by catching tunes from awesome artists, but also with a number of activities ranging from disc golf and yoga to, for those who are feeling particularly ambitious, a 5K race on the grounds. Furthermore, a portion of the festival’s proceeds go to Penn-Shank Memorial Scholarship and the Rooster Walk Music Instrument Program for entry-level band programs in local public schools, making the decision to attend one of Virginia’s best music festivals a little easier.Check out the website and purchase tickets for Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival here. You can also register to win a pair of tickets to Rooster Walk and check out the official line-up below.last_img read more

Archbishop of Chicago reflects on Pope Francis’s teachings

first_imgCardinal Francis George, archbishop of Chicago, came to Notre Dame Thursday evening to lecture on mercy in the teaching and ministry of Pope Francis and how the Pope’s Argentinian origins inform his leadership in the Vatican.“The three themes or attitudes that surround his teaching on mercy and flesh it out are dialogue as encounter, poverty and ‘Deus Semper Maior,’ [which translates as] ‘God is always greater,’” George said.George focused on these three themes, and said the Pope’s emphasis on mercy grew out of his own personal experience.“The topic is not very difficult to research because … every talk he gives comes back to mercy as the root of his own experience and has shaped his pastoral approach, and to some extent, his theoretical teaching,” he said.“The emphasis on this virtue is rooted in the personal experience of young Jorge Bergoglio in Buenos Aires. At the age of 17 on his way to meet with friends, he decided to stop in a church. Upon entering, he met a priest whose spirituality moved the young man to confession. That moment was a critical experience in his young life.”George said dialogue, which he called “the methodology of the Second Vatican Council,” is an essential aspect of Pope Francis’s vision of mercy, though Catholics often struggle to initiate and execute effective dialogue.“Referring to the modern historical events in Argentina, Bergoglio states that we must create a ‘culture of encounter,’” he said. “So often, however, we bring obstacles that do not permit a fruitful dialogue, obstacles such as domination, not knowing how to listen, noise in our speech, preconceived judgments and so many others.”George said the Pope’s efforts to live a life of poverty also heavily influence his vision of mercy in the Church.“His choice of the name Francis reveals the Pope’s sense of closeness with St. Francis of Assisi and their shared dedication to the poor,” he said. “He’s no stranger to poverty and the needs of the poor. He walked the slums in the neighborhoods in which he lived, he met with victims of human trafficking and encouraged his Jesuit students to understand that the center is the periphery.”Pope Francis’s own actions provide an example for Catholics to live a life of poverty and serve the poor, George said.“His zeal for serving the poor is reflected in his own simple lifestyle, and the first few days of his papacy were filled with a number of papal firsts,” he said. “He paid his own bill at the hotel, took the bus with fellow Cardinals and called the newspaperman in Argentina to cancel his subscription. Through his actions, the Pope is offering us a true example of love for the poor.”George said the Pope also encourages Catholics to blend the dialogue and poverty and make an effort to know the poor.“There is an inseparable bond between our faith and the poor,” he said. “For those of us accustomed to assisting the poor through financial means, the Pope encourages us to know the individuals we help on a more personal level. He also invites us to simplify our lifestyles.”“[Pope Francis] says the culture of prosperity deadens us, and trickle-down theories of economic growth have not proven reliable. A life of poverty will help to identify what is truly important in life.”George said Pope Francis aims to put mercy at the center of the Church and craft a message of salvation for sinners through the joy of the gospel.“The Pope’s conviction from his experience and in his teaching is that God’s mercy must be the reality which fundamentally shapes Catholic life, and particularly evangelization, offering the Gospel with joy to the entire world,” he said. “The joy of a sinner experiencing God’s mercy and having been forgiven by someone who is always greater and capable of love … is a very beautiful thing to realize.”Tags: Cardinal George, Catholicism, Church teaching, mercy, Pope Francislast_img read more

Joshua Harmon’s Bad Jews Will Return to London

first_imgThose Bad Jews are heading back to London! Directed by Michael Longhurst, Joshua Harmon’s hit show will play the West End’s Theatre Royal Haymarket February 8 through March 19.The cast will feature Ilan Goodman (The Imitation Game) reprising his role of Liam and new cast members, Ailsa Joy (TimePlays) as Daphna, Antonia Kinlay (Lady Anna: All at Sea) as Melody and Jos Slovick (Once) as Jonah.A beloved grandfather—and Holocaust survivor—has died, and a treasured family heirloom with religious significance is up for grabs. But who is most deserving of it? Bossy, overbearing, fanatically religious Daphna? Her wealthy cousin Liam, who’s just returned from skiing with his non-Jewish girlfriend Melody? Or Jonah, his brother, who would prefer not to get involved in the fight? A cramped Manhattan apartment becomes the setting for a viciously hilarious brawl over family, faith and legacy as the contenders set at each other’s throats on the night after the funeral.Following its successful off-Broadway bow, Bad Jews has had acclaimed U.K. runs at Bath’s Ustinov Studio and London’s St. James and Arts Theatres. View Commentslast_img read more

Bar investments off to good start

first_img Bar investments off to good start The Florida Bar has followed up a strong year on investment earnings in 2005 with an even stronger start to 2006, and its Investment Committee is studying further diversifying its portfolio to protect against downside risk.Investment Committee Chair Ian Comisky reported to the Bar Board of Governors recently that the Bar had a 6.59 percent rate of return on its investments for 2005.For the first quarter of 2006, the Bar had a return of 3.9 percent. In dollars, that equated $903,000, or an increase in the Bar’s investment fund from $23.1 to just over $24 million, he said.“We had a terrific, blowout quarter,” Comisky said. “With one exception, every fund we had performed beautifully. The one that didn’t was an aggressive growth fund, which is just out of favor at the moment.”Even with the successful year and quarter, Comisky said the Investment Committee is looking for ways to improve the Bar’s program. The committee will present plans for further diversifying 8 to 12 percent of the Bar’s funds at the board’s next meeting.The changes have the potential of improving the Bar’s return by about 0.3 percent, but the real advantage, Comisky reported, is reducing overall risk and protecting the investments in a down market.“The investments we are talking about include a fund of funds concept, some money in options trading, which is going short as well as going long and which protects against a down market, and investing in commodities,” he said.He urged board members to do their homework, as some of the new investments on the surface could make board members uncomfortable, but he said the goal was to improve the Bar’s investment program. April 30, 2006 Regular Newscenter_img Bar investments off to good startlast_img read more

The two biases that keep people from saving money

first_imgThat Americans don’t save enough money is a truism. But why don’t they? The answer is a complex mix of macroeconomics (incomes have stagnated for many workers over the last few decades), culture (Americans are notoriously conspicuous spenders), and policies (two-thirds of workers are at companies without retirement plans).But another variable is the challenge of giving up the gratification of immediate spending for the security of future savings.A new paper finds that two biases prop up many people’s disinclination to save: “present bias” and “exponential-growth bias.”Present bias is a straightforward idea. People claim they’re willing to embrace all manners of self-control—saving money, working out, cleaning their room—provided that they don’t have to do so immediately. It is like the regularly scheduled conversation I have with my dentist. continue reading » 18SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

How to set your kids up for success when learning from home

first_imgHe said an organized at home learning space can make all the difference. “In the beginning it was rough I think because we were trying to figure out what and how to do it and the school was trying to figure out how to do it,” said Driscall. That’s exactly what BOCES Principal Matt Sheehan suggests parents do: remove distractions. Chenango Bridge mom Colleen Driscall said distance learning comes with challenges. “The focus was to make a way for them to focus on school work and be in a space that they love, but without all of the distractions of their toys so we took everything out,” Driscall explained. Colleen and her husband decided to keep their two kids, Everly and Will, home for at least the beginning of the school year. They even remodeled a section of their house, to help set them up for success when it comes to learning from home. center_img “Declutter, least amount of distractions, and the best access to the simple items they need,” Sheehan told 12 News. CHENANGO BRIDGE (WBNG) — As we approach the start of school, many parents worry about their role in their child’s education. They have to choose to either keep their kids home, or go with the school’s hybrid learning model. “The goal isn’t to set your home up like a classroom, the goal is to set up your home up like a portal to a classroom,” said Sheehan. That means having the necessary tools to connect on hand, and Colleen said some creativity never hurts. “Adding in their own artwork and things they’ve worked on its kind of a place they can be proud of.”last_img read more

Artificial intelligence gears up to fight a future coronavirus

first_imgDisease outbreaks like the coronavirus often unfold too quickly for scientists to find a cure. But in the future, artificial intelligence could help researchers do a better job.While it’s probably too late for the fledgling technology to play a major role in the current epidemic, there’s hope for the next outbreaks. AI is good at combing through mounds of data to find connections that make it easier to determine what kinds of treatments could work or which experiments to pursue next.The question is what Big Data will come up with when it only gets meager scraps of information on a newly emerged illness like Covid-19, which first emerged late last year in China and has sickened more than 75,000 people in about two months.The fact that researchers managed to produce the gene sequencing of the new virus within weeks of the first reported cases is promising, since it shows there’s far more immediate data available now when outbreaks happen.Andrew Hopkins, chief executive officer of Oxford, England-based startup Exscientia Ltd. is among those working to help train artificial intelligence for drug discovery. He figures new treatments could go from conception to clinical testing in as little as 18 to 24 months within the next decade, thanks to AI.Exscientia designed a new compound for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder that’s ready to be tested in the lab after less than a year in the initial research phase. That’s about five times faster than average, according to the company.Cambridge-based Healx has a similar approach, but it uses machine learning to find new uses for existing drugs. Both companies feed their algorithms with information — gleaned from sources such as journals, biomedical databases and clinical trials — to help suggest new treatments for diseases.Human SupervisionThe two companies each use a team of human researchers to work alongside the AI to help guide the process. In Exscientia’s approach, dubbed the Centaur Chemist, drug designers help teach the algorithms strategies for searching for compounds. Healx puts the AI’s predictions to researchers who analyze the results and decide what to pursue.Neil Thompson, Healx’s chief science officer, said the technique could be deployed against an outbreak like the coronavirus as long as it had enough data on the new disease. Healx isn’t working on tackling the coronavirus or tweaking its technology for outbreaks, but it wouldn’t be a stretch.“We’re quite close,” Thompson said in an interview. “We wouldn’t need to change much about the AI algorithms we use. We look at matching drug properties to disease features.”One catch for all these technologies is clinical testing. Even drugs already safe for use to cure one ailment should be tested again before they’re prescribed for another. The process of showing they are safe and effective on a large number of people can take years before going to regulators for review.To be effective, AI-based drug developers would have to plan ahead of time, picking out a virus genome likely to cause problems in the future and targeting it when there are few incentives to do so.Read more about how drugmakers are hunting for ways to halt the coronavirus.Another obstacle is finding qualified staff.“It’s hard to find people who can operate at the intersection of AI and biology, and it’s difficult for big companies to make quick decisions on technology like this,” said Irina Haivas, a partner at venture capital firm Atomico and former surgeon who sits on the board of Healx. “It’s not enough to be an AI engineer, you have to understand and get into the applications of biology.”Topics :last_img read more

Two OA Seniors Named National Merit Semifinalists

first_imgSeniors Brian Ulrich (left) and Luke Wukusick (right) have been named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists.OLDENBURG, Ind. – Two Oldenburg Academy seniors have been named semifinalists in the 2015 National Merit Scholarship Program.Seniors Brian Ulrich, of Sunman, and Luke Wukusick, of Batesville, are among 16,000 nationally recognized students. The nomination allows the students to continue in the competition for scholarships and advancement to the final level next semester.Oldenburg Academy is a Franciscan Catholic co-ed college preparatory high school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg.last_img

Bowl Mania

first_imgWith the 40+ college football bowls we had this year, preliminary numbers indicate that fewer people watched most of the bowls this year than they have in the past.  With so many bowls, most of the scores were very lopsided.  Even the bowl games on New Years Eve and New Years Day were lopsided.  These were supposed to be the major match ups.When you put teams with losing records (or barely above 500 records) in a bowl, it is hard to anticipate good match ups.  I don’t advocate going back to just 5 major bowls, but how about cutting this year’s number in half?  Maybe then people would start watching them again and colleges would actually make a profit by getting into a bowl game.  As it is now, only television is assured of making money.You can bet that the powers to be will not do this.  Every college president wants to brag to his friends that his school was in a bowl game.  Every coach who goes out to recruit wants to say “we were in a bowl”.  Next year we will probably see more bowl games, more blow outs, and poor TV ratings.last_img read more

Chelsea join Man Utd interest in Leicester keeper Schmeichel

first_img read also:Chelsea target Leicester City goalkeeper Schmeichel While they may want to go for someone like Jan Oblak, someone like Schmeichel is a more affordable option. Manchester United have also been linked with the 33-year-old. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Chelsea are the latest big club to show an interest in Leicester City star Kasper Schmeichel. The goalkeeper is willing to leave this summer as he chases Champions League football. The Times says the Blues are considering Schmeichel to replace Kepa Arrizabalaga.Advertisement Loading… center_img Promoted ContentFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread ArtBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeWhat Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithBest Car Manufacturers In The WorldIs Cristiano Ronaldo Converting His Hotels To Hospitals?11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table TopWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWorld’s Most Delicious Foods7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Pennylast_img read more