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The second edition of the project of tourist guides “Meet your country” is starting

first_imgA great tourist story and a very important segment in the mosaic of our tourism that we have absolutely neglected. In conclusion, this is an extremely important topic, getting to know your city and turning citizens into ambassadors of Croatian tourism. Why other cities, ie tourist boards, have not joined the whole initiative so far, even though it is their “obligation” precisely because of their primary activity and the importance of the topic, and it costs nothing but good will, is a question that all tourism entrepreneurs must ask themselves. of every city. Do we want tourism development or not? Obviously some don’t want to and don’t care. So don’t be surprised afterwards if things stand still. It’s up to the people. The city is the people, so the local people are tourism and the best ambassadors of Croatian tourism. The locals give rhythm and pulse to the destination, and guests want to get to know us and our culture of living, customs, our stories… because that is the very essence of tourism. As part of the second edition of the project “Meet your country”, the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides will organize free guided tours in all cities where tourist guides operate on the occasion of the International Recognition Day of Croatia, on January 13, 2019 (Sunday) starting at 12:00. guide – members of ZDTVH. In particular, it is about the organization of free guided tours by local tourist guides in each city, and all guided tours with tourist guides will start at the same time. The guides are intended for the local population to get to know their city and become ambassadors of Croatian tourism, but of course all visitors and tourists. Namely, protected localities are the only places where the activity of tourist guides and the presentation of our country can be performed by guides who are educated exclusively in the Republic of Croatia. “Considering that last year we received very good reactions from a large number of citizens, as well as almost all media, we decided to repeat the whole project and mark the Day of International Recognition of Croatia in the same way. We would like to point out the importance of tourist workers for the international reputation of Croatia as well as the importance of national identity and cultural heritage.”Points out Kristina Nuić Prka, president of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, and adds that they also want to point out in the same way the importance of the Ordinance on protected localities that is being drafted. RELATED NEWS:last_img read more

Bowl Mania

first_imgWith the 40+ college football bowls we had this year, preliminary numbers indicate that fewer people watched most of the bowls this year than they have in the past.  With so many bowls, most of the scores were very lopsided.  Even the bowl games on New Years Eve and New Years Day were lopsided.  These were supposed to be the major match ups.When you put teams with losing records (or barely above 500 records) in a bowl, it is hard to anticipate good match ups.  I don’t advocate going back to just 5 major bowls, but how about cutting this year’s number in half?  Maybe then people would start watching them again and colleges would actually make a profit by getting into a bowl game.  As it is now, only television is assured of making money.You can bet that the powers to be will not do this.  Every college president wants to brag to his friends that his school was in a bowl game.  Every coach who goes out to recruit wants to say “we were in a bowl”.  Next year we will probably see more bowl games, more blow outs, and poor TV ratings.last_img read more

Beat writers offer postseason grades, superlatives on Syracuse’s season

first_imgKevin Camelo | Digital Design EditorMVP: Tiana MangakahiaIt’s obvious who Syracuse’s MVP was in the 2017-18 season: Tiana Mangakahia. She powered the Orange’s offense and set records while doing so. The point guard almost averaged a double-double per game (17.5 points and 9.8 assists, respectively), which is more impressive when you consider she didn’t play high-level basketball for two years. She earned praise from nearly every opposing coach and was the main reason that the Orange returned to the NCAA Tournament after losing four starters from last season’s squad. With more weapons around her next year and less pressure to be the go-to scorer, she may just be better. — Nick AlvarezMost pleasant surprise: Miranda DrummondAdvertisementThis is placeholder textFor the sake of not ranting more about Mangakahia and how she lit up the ACC out of nowhere, let’s say Miranda Drummond. After sitting out last season due to transfer rules, Drummond stepped in and provided a secondary scoring option SU would’ve been doomed without. Finishing the season averaging 14.9 points points per game, Drummond scored in a litany of ways, but she loved the 3, and shot it at a 40.2 percent clip over 31 games. The reason this is a pleasant surprise for Syracuse? Drummond averaged eight points a game in her two years at St. Bonaventure. — Andrew GrahamBiggest disappointment: Losing Desiree Elmore to injuryPrior to the season, everyone involved with Syracuse couldn’t stop raving about the offseason Desiree Elmore had. Thirty-one games later, her minutes total for the season remained zero. She was injured in the final scrimmage before the season and eventually SU shut her down to maintain a year of eligibility. After a superb career as a Connecticut high schooler, it seemed she was ready to take the college game by storm in her sophomore year as a boost to Syracuse’s frontcourt. Instead, she was relegated to bench-hype duties. With more big-time recruits coming in next year, who knows if we’ll ever get to see the player Elmore was being projected to be heading into this season. — Billy HeyenBiggest flaw: Lack of secondary creator off the dribble.For all the brilliance that Mangakahia flashed, it’s important to note that Syracuse relied on her more than it should’ve. Other than the Australian-born point guard, no guard showed the ability to drive and spark the offense. Isis Young and Gabrielle Cooper, SU’s other guards, were primarily shooters. They posted up behind the 3-point line and waited for a Mangakahia feed. The forwards, Digna Strautmane and Amaya Finklea-Guity, couldn’t get their own shots on a consistent basis, either. Too often, SU utilized a high-screen-and-roll with Mangakahia to kickstart a possession. This led opposing teams to focus on the Orange’s lone playmaker, daring anyone else to take charge. None did. — N.A.Biggest X-factor for next season: Maeva Djaldi-TabdiMaeva Djaldi-Tabdi. The 6-foot-2 French forward redshirted this season but practiced with the team. From the looks we got occasionally of her working out with starting bigs Digna Strautmane and Amaya Finklea-Guity, there’s a ton of promise for a potential three-headed frontcourt monster next year. Djaldi-Tabdi came to SU as the No. 27 recruit in her class, ranked higher than Finklea-Guity, and she possesses a mature post game to go with touch from the outside. Whenever an SU big got into foul trouble this year, the best option Quentin Hillsman had on his bench was 5-foot-8 Raven Fox. Next season, he’ll have at least one 6-foot-2 big to turn to (not to mention No. 11 recruit in this incoming class, 6-foot-2 Emily Engstler). Djaldi-Tabdi will provide the added depth and immense skill to the Syracuse frontcourt, along with a knowledge of the system from her redshirt season. — B.H.Evaluating the coaching staffQuentin Hillsman does not exactly keep his cards close to the chest. Syracuse will run out and press and shoot a lot of 3s, all in the name of trying to speed up an opponent. Hillsman preached the scheme from Media Day to his final press conference after Syracuse’s season-ending loss, and the Orange did it all year — SU finished its season with 965 attempted 3s, currently fifth in the country. And for the most part, Hillsman’s style of play worked. SU went 22-9, and assistants Tammi Reiss, Adeniyi Amadou and Vonn Read all did their parts to turn a mish-mash of transfers and freshman into a pretty good basketball team. But in Syracuse’s two biggest games of the season, it got embarrassed and outcoached, and if SU is trying to win a national championship next year like Hillsman said, blowouts at the end of the season simply do not cut it. — A.G. Comments Published on March 21, 2018 at 12:34 am Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more