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10 Things That Prevent Guys from Approaching You

first_img Tweet Share 93 Views   no discussions LifestyleRelationships 10 Things That Prevent Guys from Approaching You by: – September 19, 2011 Sharecenter_img Recently, at a wedding, I witnessed a dance floor with a friend who is an ecologist. In the middle of this dance floor, a girl approached a guy, legs slightly spread, while slapping her thighs with the back of her hands while looking him in the eye.My ecologist friend, in his “Darwinian” mindset, jokingly exclaimed: “Oh wow, she’s presenting!”You don’t have to emulate an Animal Planet mating documentary to get a guy to approach you when you’re out, but body language is important. You have to give a guy an opening, and make yourself available.I want my approach to appear to be well-timed, and I don’t like it when I feel like I’m interrupting. Sometimes the situation lends itself to an approach: there’s something extraordinary to talk about, or we just bump into each other. Pay attention to your actions when you’re out. If you want guys to approach you, are you making it easy on them — are you “available”? Some girls might want the guy to “work” as part of the approach, but for every one of you who makes it tough for a guy to approach, there are women who make it easier to approach that a guy might go for instead.Here are a few things women do that prevent guys from approaching them:INTIMIDATIONLots of FriendsWhen girls are in a group, I know that I’m going to be “evaluated” as soon as I walk away. It’s tough enough to walk up to one girl, let alone a group.Too HotIf she’s super-hot, sometimes I assume I have no chance or I’m just plain intimidated. Most guys will give it the old college try though. This, by the way, is the best reason for your ego why guys aren’t approaching: “I’m just so hot I’m intimidating.”UNATTRACTIVE APPEARANCEDancing on Tables (aka Super-Drunk Girl)One night, we were out and a girl intermittently stood up on the seat of her booth and did stripper-type dances. The guys in the bar looked, but never approached. It’s tough to approach a whirling dervish and no one could take her seriously. And sometimes the “too drunk” girl gets approached by guys who are interested in one thing only.Looking SloppyI don’t usually approach girls who don’t look stylish and put together. Now, if you want to keep guys away from you, doing the “celeb in public homeless look” might be a good strategy.Looking Angry/SnobbySmiling and eye contact is inviting, while anger, and looking like you’re too good for everyone, drives people away. Try to give off positive vibes, and more people will approach.TAKENWith a Guy in Any CapacityYou appear to be taken if you arrive with guys, or meet guys while you’re out. Guys have no way of knowing if you’re “with” a guy. Some guys might ask, but some might just move on to someone who looks more available. RingNow I’ll admit that I’m clueless, even for a guy. I’m not sure about the wedding ring/engagement rules: which hand/finger gets the ring? I know one has a big diamond, and one looks like a simple ring. But unmarried women wear all sorts of rings. Your ring that looks like a wedding ring might be keeping guys away (or maybe stupid guys like me, which is probably a good thing).DO NOT DISTURBBusyIt’s easier to approach a girl who looks bored, like she wants someone to talk to. In a café, if she’s reading a book, or has her face in her laptop, I assume she’s busy and doesn’t want to deal with my stupid pick-up attempt. In a bar, if she seems content doing whatever she’s doing, I won’t want to interrupt.Tough to CatchI’ve devised strategic plans to make a move, waiting for a girl to go to the bar, or bathroom. But when she finally gets up she walks too fast, or takes “bodyguards” (tons of friends) with her. Bottom line, some women just don’t give that opening physically for the approach. Remember, your migratory patterns might be exactly what that guy is waiting for, so be on the lookout when you’re on the move.Room PositioningIf you’re in the corner all night, or buried behind chairs and tables, you not only cut yourself off from the rest of the world, but some guys don’t want to slalom obstacles to get to you. If you want guys to approach you, you might want to move or try out some other spots.Do you agree with my list above? What actions do you think deter guys from approaching you? What actions make a guy tough to approach?by Rich Santos, Marie Claire Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

COVID-19 Case Update: PBC 6,477; Average Age Decreases

first_imgMiami-Dade County: 18,456 cases-722 deaths-Men: 9,176, Women: 9,083-3,085 hospitalizations-232 new reported cases since Tuesday-9 new reported deaths since TuesdayTesting in Florida:-Total Tests: 1,081,825-Positive: 58,764-Negative: 1,022,149-Overall Percentage of Positive Cases: 5.4%In the three weeks since Palm Beach County reopened, COVID-19 cases have risen.The county was adding about 68 positive cases per day before reopening May 11, whereas the number now averages about 100. Patients ages 25 to 44 account for most of the new cases, according to Dr. Alina Alonso, Palm Beach County director for the Florida Department of Health. According to the Department of Health, there were 58,764 total cases of COVID-19 in Florida as of Wednesday. That’s 1,317 more cases than the previous day.At least 2,566 Florida residents have died from COVID-19, as 36 new deaths were reported.Palm Beach County: 6,477 cases-359 deaths-Men: 3,238; Women: 3,129-1,237 hospitalizations-84 new reported cases since Tuesday-8 new reported deaths since TuesdayBroward County: 7,339 cases-317 deaths-Men: 3,526, Women: 3,638-1,575 hospitalizations-91 new reported cases since Tuesday-1 new reported death since TuesdayAs stated in Executive Orders 20-80 and 20-86, travelers entering the state of Florida from Connecticut, Louisiana, New Jersey, or New York must self-isolate for 14 days from their entry into Florida or the duration of their stay. Visit https://t.co/E7UM7vX9fk for more. pic.twitter.com/c0vc8OKH0X— Florida Dept. Health (@HealthyFla) June 3, 2020last_img read more

Shoaib Malik and I don’t judge people according to religion, nationality: Sania Mirza

first_imgIndian tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik’s love story has all the elements that can make a Bollywood blockbuster. ‘Love thy neighbour’ is what the sports stars, who have been the much-talked about cross-border pair, believed in.Sania and Shoaib entered into wedlock in 2010 at a time when the relations between the two neighbouring countries were strained after the Mumbai blasts of 2008. Despite criticism, the two have gone from strength to strength in their relationship. (Also read: After SRK, Salman launches Sania autobiography in Mumbai) In fact, Malik revealed that his wife Sania had helped him compete hard and inspired him. He credited his wife Sania for changing his approach to training.”After watching her win titles even after battling with fitness issues I was also inspired to match her feats as a professional sportsman. It is a healthy competition between husband and wife who are professional athletes,” Malik said before retiring from Test cricket on a high in 2015. (Also read: Don’t have many close friends: Sania Mirza to India Today) Over the years, both Sania and Shoaib have successfully managed to keep compelling information about their relationship under wraps.However, in a recent interview with India Today television, Sania, who launched her autobiography last week in Hyderabad, divulges more detail about how her relatives reacted to her relationship with the Pakistan cricketer.I have tried to talk about Shoaib and I met in my autobiography: SaniaI have not gone into too much detail about how others misunderstood certain things about our relationship in my book: SaniaI am a private person. It took a lot for me to come up with a chapter my relationship with Shoaib Malik in my autobiography: SaniaShoaib and I have been brought up in such a way were our parents say don’t judge people according to their race, colour or nationality: SaniaAs a sportsperson I take pride in that because I feel most sports person feel the same way. Malik was also in the same position and felt the same the same way: SaniaThe discussions were never about ‘Why did you fall in love with a Pakistani?’ It was rather about ‘Do you think it is a smart move?’: SaniaUnfortunately at that time the cross-border relationships were an issue: SaniaAs a family or even our extended family, we take great pride on the fact that we don’t separate anybody on the basis of their nationality, race or colour: SaniaHave always called my relationship with the media a love-hate relationship. It’s because we both can’t live without each other: SaniaAnd, it’s almost like marriage of a different kind. We both have seen our best as well as our worst: SaniaWhen it comes to the things that matter to me the most, I am very quiet about it: Sania advertisementlast_img read more