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Boots sandwich criticised on social media

first_imgBoots is not naming the supplier who produced a Delicious Simply Ham sandwich that has been showcased on social media. Boots is not naming the supplier who produced a Delicious Simply Ham sandwich that has been criticised on social media.A photo was uploaded on sharing forum Reddit, with the title ‘Simply Ham Sandwich Epic Fail’. It showed the £1 sandwich with limited filling on white bread. The news brought a raft of news reports showcasing people on social media who have complained about the standard of their sandwiches.In another Boots case in May, Gareth Jones also complained about the lack of filling in his ham sandwich. He put a picture on twitter under the statement “looking to find out what you think of my ham sandwich bought from Boots Cardiff today?”In a statement Boots UK said it would be looking into the issue.“At Boots UK we take the quality of our food products very seriously and are disappointed to see that two of our customers have had a bad experience with our Delicious Simply Ham sandwiches,” the spokesperson said.“We are working with our supplier to investigate this and would urge anyone else who has experienced something similar to get in touch with our customer care team on 0345 070 8090.”last_img read more

Deadline is Friday, Aug. 21 to request RaceSaver® rule no. 5 repair authorization

first_imgRaceSaver® wants our technical staff to be aware of issues that pertain to engine rule no. 5 and we ask for their help and cooperation in resolving these issues. 5: Only an iron or steel crankshaft, with a minimum weight of 48 lbs. will be permitted, (-1%). The main bearing diameter will be 2.450 (-.030). Weight added to crank except bal­ance metal, which must be welded in place, will not be permitted. In an effort to identify those non-compliant engines and bring them into compliance, Rac­eSaver® offered a grace period of 90 days for engines that are identified as possibly containing non-conforming, but legal weight crankshafts.RaceSaver® will issue a repair authorization number to allow steel to be added to the crankshaft to bring it to 48 pounds. In these instances, the 1% tolerance will not be allowed. The crankshaft must be weighed before and after adding the weight. A photo of the completed repair to the crank will be submitted by email with the tech form. The engine must be brought into compliance within the grace period or when the seals are removed for repairs if that occurs before the end of the 90 day period.Possession of a RaceSaver® repair authorization document indicates the engine owner is in the process of complying with the process of confirming and bringing into compliance that en­gine.  That engine should not be subject to disqualification, solely over a question of heavy metal added to the centerline of the crank, for the duration of the 90-day grace period. ANY engine that is not identified, and not issued a repair authorization document, WILL be subject to disqualification should it be found to be in violation of rule no. 5.The grace period will began on Aug. 7, 2015 and will end Nov. 7, 2015. The time period to regis­ter for a repair authorization number began on July 7, 2015 and will end on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. It is vital that anyone who may have an engine with a crank in question registers before Friday, Aug. 21, 2015.We would ask our tech inspectors and engine builders to make every effort to contact the owners of engines in question. In all future full engine tech inspections, crankshafts that have center drilled mains and/or reduced counterweight diameter must have a complete inspection and in­clude a photo of the crank included with the tech form.last_img read more

AP: OSU player says Wisconsin fan spit on him

first_imgCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Moments after Ohio State lost its first game of the season Saturday to Wisconsin, Buckeyes center Jared Sullinger posted on his Twitter account that a fan spit in his face.The spit has since hit the fan.Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan came out in defense of the Badgers’ rabid fans at Kohl Center. Ohio State coach Thad Matta tried to defuse the situation by saying, basically, kids will be kids. And people all over are saying way too much was made of the incident, if it even did occur, or that students should not be permitted to rush the court.Ryan said on Monday’s Big Ten coaches teleconference that there are video cameras all over Kohl Center and he had seen no evidence that any saliva was hurled.Ohio State (24-1, 11-1) came into the game No. 1 in the country and the nation’s last remaining unbeaten major-college team. The Buckeyes led by as many as 15 points in the second half before then-No. 13 Wisconsin got a hot hand – hitting 12 3-pointers – to pull out the win.Afterward, hundreds of celebrating Badgers fans flooded the court.Sullinger, a 6-foot-9 freshman and national player of the year contender, spoke with reporters after the game and did not mention the incident. Then again, he wasn’t asked about it, either. He even praised the boisterous fans at Kohl Center, some of whom chanted obscene things at the Buckeyes.It was only later that Sullinger posted on his Twitter account: “Buckeye Nation if you ever decide to rush the court. Don’t ever spit on the opponents. Just a lil tip from me to you.” He later added another Tweet: “To be spit on is just nasty. On top of that in my Face. Before and after the game. Smh (shake my head). I just kept walking.”After a day or so of bloggers, columnists and the general public weighing in on “Spitgate,” the coaches were asked about it on the Big Ten teleconference on Monday.Ryan said the entire Kohl Center is videotaped and said the tapes did not show Sullinger being sullied by spit.“There’s absolutely nothing that has come to my attention,” Ryan said of the lack of video evidence.He had some advice for players and fans.“All I know is we won the game, deal with it, our end, their end,” he said.He added, “It was well-played by two teams. You hear a lot about how the teams went after each other and it was great for the Big Ten, and our fans were absolutely fantastic. What a great day for our students.”Matta tried to downplay the situation. On the conference call he said, “(Sullinger) got spit on when the students stormed the court. A student ran by him and spit on him. Nothing too major.”Later, Matta said he didn’t see the actual expectoration. He also said it is frightening when an opposing team gets caught in a crush of opposing fans.“You know, it is a little bit scary,” he said. “What is it, the SEC has the rule where you get fined if you storm the court? But there’s also an element of, it’s college athletics and the incident. … I mean, what are you going to do?”Sullinger was not made available to speak to reporters on Monday.Ohio State guard Jon Diebler was also enveloped by the onrushing crowd and had some difficulty getting out of the crush and into the locker room.“It was hard to get out, that’s for sure,” he said on Monday.Asked about the spitting incident, he added, “It’s unfortunate that things like that would go on. I don’t know what, I don’t know if it really happened – obviously I don’t think Jared would lie about it. But I didn’t see anything. It’s unfortunate something like that happens. Especially with college students.”Matta said he was pleased with how Sullinger was handling the whole thing.“I think he’s been great,” he said. “I found out I think when we got back to Columbus that it had happened. The things that people yell at you when you’re walking off the court, that sort of stuff, that’s just part of it. Really nothing you can do. I mean, they buy their tickets, they can yell or say or chant whatever they want to.”The Ohio State football team has had problems in the past with Wisconsin fans at Camp Randall Stadium hurling coins at them. Some have said they were pelted with marshmallows with coins shoved inside them.Matta shrugged.“Those things happen. It was a crazy environment, which was great for college basketball, for their fans and that sort of stuff,” he said. “You don’t want stuff like that to happen, but you can’t do anything about it.”The teams meet again on March 6, this time on the Buckeyes’ home court.As Sullinger put it on his Twitter account: “More fuel to the fire”last_img read more

Photographs Suggest Human Remains Could Still be Inside the Titanic

first_imgAre there still human remains inside the Titanic? The question lingers on. When the RMS Titanic sank on April 14, 1912, after hitting an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City, 1,500 lives were lost. About 334 of the drowned were recovered in the days following the tragedy, but a great many corpses were never found. While the assumption is that decades in the ocean would have led to total disintegration, the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic in 1985 also prompted a debate over whether there could be human remains embedded in the wreckage, two and a half miles below the surface of the Atlantic.Photos were taken during submarine explorations of the site, and the release of some of those photos suggest that corpses were indeed dragged to the ocean floor. One photo was taken in 2004 and released in 2012, when the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic tragedy was marked. The image showed a crumpled large coat with a boot protruding from beneath its seam.Officials say human remains may be at Titanic shipwreck site http://t.co/JZSjdCpS— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 15, 2012AdChoices广告inRead invented by Teads“The way that the clothes are arranged, makes it look like someone’s final resting place,” Kristina Killgrove, a biological anthropologist at the University of North Carolina, told Discovery News. These images were taken during an expedition by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) and explorer Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1985.“These are not shoes that fell out neatly from somebody’s bag right next to each other,” James Delagado, the director of maritime heritage at the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, told The Associated Press in 2012. The way they are “laid out” makes a “compelling case” that it is where “someone has come to rest,” he said.Evidence of human remains on the Titanic, over 100 years later. pic.twitter.com/QrYLUfd9RE— Terrifying (@terrifyingposts) March 30, 2014It was Ballard who discovered that the ship broke into two sections, almost a half mile apart. In between the two sections was a debris field, and Ballard and his men took photos of not only items from the ship but also many pairs of shoes. Later analysis suggested that the shoes were once attached to the decomposed remains of Titanic victims.Robert Ballard giving a talk on his Titanic discovery. Photo by Erik Charlton CC by 2.0James Cameron, who directed the hit film Titanic and has performed extensive research, disagrees that there are bodies on the ocean floor.  Cameron has visited the wreck 33 times and said he has seen “zero human remains” during his explorations.“We’ve seen shoes. We’ve seen pairs of shoes, which would strongly suggest there was a body there at one point. But we’ve never seen any human remains,” said Cameron.The bow of the wrecked RMS Titanic, photographed in June 2004Some scientists said that at the depth, even bones would turn to sediment and dissolve. The shoes that have been found were once worn by people, certainly, but those bodies are no more. However, a theory exists that deep within the wreck, within closed cabins, identifiable human remains could be found because of the cold, pressurized environment.Such questions were raised again recently because a number of high-priced trips have been booked for the summer of 2019 to give people a chance to see the site of the sunken Titanic, 13,000 feet down. OceanGate is one company with trips booked for a 10-day-long Titanic exploration costing more than $100,000 per person.  The OceanGate journey takes people out to the location of the wreck, and then, in small groups, on a 90-minute submarine descent to the Titanic, for about three hours of up-close examination of the wreck.Dana Hall, marketing manager of OceanGate, told The Vintage News in an earlier interview, “We are scheduled to depart from St. John’s, Newfoundland, for the first manned expedition to the site of the RMS Titanic since 2005. Fewer people have seen the legendary vessel since it sank in 1912 than have gone to space. Over the course of six missions running June through August a limited number of citizen explorers, known as mission specialists, will be among the first in nearly 15 years to descend 3,800 meters below the surface of the North Atlantic, in the world’s only 5-person submersible capable of reaching Titanic depths, to directly observe the maritime heritage site.”However some recent setbacks have put these trips on temporary hold.Related Article: The Titanic Wreck was Discovered While Looking for Lost Nuclear SubmarinesNo one has so far  reported seeing evidence of a human victim in wrecks thanks to one of these trips. Between 1987 and 2004, seven research and discovery expeditions recovered over 5,500 non-organic artifacts from the Titanic site, including a bracelet, gloves, a napkin, a pocketwatch, binoculars, keys, a chandelier, and even menus.last_img read more