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ATT rep confirms no iPhone 5 launch this summer

first_imgApple may not comment on rumor, speculation, or future plans, but it does inform its partners of what to expect in the near future. And it seems AT&T has now been told there will be no June or July iPhone 5 launch.An AT&T customer noticed that his eligibility for a smartphone upgrade had moved back 5 months without any notice from AT&T as to why. As any customer would do, he phoned AT&T to find out why it had happened. Surprisingly, the customer rep he spoke to at AT&T had what seems to be some definite information regarding the launch, or lack thereof, of the iPhone 5.AdChoices广告The reason given to the customer was that Apple “has informed” AT&T that there will be no new iPhone launch in June or July. There is also no confirmed date for the arrival of the iPhone 5, so the eligibility date has been pushed back to account for this.Is this a customer rep responding officially, or just giving his best guess as to why this has happened? We don’t know, but if there are any AT&T customers reading this then check your eligibility date. Has it moved? If so, phone AT&T and see if you get the same official response.Read more at MacRumorsMatthew’s OpinionAs time passes it becomes ever more certain a summer launch for the iPhone 5 isn’t going to happen. While this may upset a few iPhone owners eager to upgrade, the few months additional wait time may be worth it.Apple is now shipping a modified version of the iPhone 4 with the name 4S to game developers. It contains an A5 processor suggesting Apple wants the next-gen of games ready for launch, or shortly afterwards. We’ve also heard the iPhone 5 could be a radical re-design that raises the bar again for smartphone looks. As well as an edge-to-edge 4-inch display we could see a phone that is tapered.So while we may not be using iPhone 5s come August, we could be clambering to get a truly next-gen smartphone come September.last_img read more