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20 Things All Cheese Lovers Will Understand

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite And one’s that are sadBecause cheese is life and life is to be enjoyed. When it comes to the love of cheese, trying to argue against it is a slippery slope down a never ending torture chamber, it’s just not advisable. It’s Cheese Lovers Day and there’s a few things that only cheese lovers will understand.The love for cheese goes deeper than the love of most food groupsWhen you were younger you couldn’t get enough of cheese so you have a lot of time to make up forSo it irritates you when you have to ask for extra cheese at restaurants,Or justify why you are carrying so many different cheeses with you in your grocery bagsOr eating so much cheesecenter_img A meal that does not have cheese, is an inferior mealWhich is why a cheese platter is your chosen meal of championsEven though you know sometimes it’s not the best ideaBut you don’t like to reminded of thisBecause it ruins your next cheese surprise When it comes to South African made cheese, everything is fair gameAnd your idea of a cheesy pick up line does not involve a humanUnless this human shares your passion for cheeseThen it’s a match made in cheese heavenTopped with the best cheese dessert in the worldSo while many might not understand this obsessionIt doesn’t matter because they do not know what they’re missingIn your books, there are only two kinds of people; one’s that live life to its full cheesy potentiallast_img read more

Costa Rica promotes pesticidefree rice farming

first_imgRelated posts:Vegetables grown near erupting Turrialba called safe to eat Hurricane Otto caused $15 million in losses for Costa Rican coffee sector Costa Rica evaluates lifting ban on Mexican avocados Mexico takes Costa Rica ban on avocados to World Trade Organization A joint program of the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry (MAG) and the Economy and Industry Ministry (MEIC) seeks to promote the production and marketing of pesticide-free rice in the country.Officials from both ministries recently presented the results of a four-year project developed in Cañas, in the province of Guanacaste, which resulted in a new product they call EcoArroz (Eco Rice).Project manager Andrés Vásquez developed the organic production system of EcoArroz to “preserve the soil’s natural cycle and respect the ecosystem,” the ministries reported.Environmentally friendly riceVásquez explained that instead of using pesticides to control pests and diseases, the project used plants and insects as natural barriers to protect rice crops. The process also allowed them keep the production cycle as natural as possible, he said.Farmers used wasps and ladybugs, which feed on the mites and larvae that damage rice crops.They also transformed farm waste into organic fertilizers and developed an optimized water system for irrigation.According to Vásquez, contrary to popular belief, the lack of chemicals does not alter the shelf life of rice; “on the contrary, it provides more minerals and the rice is more nutritious.”The ministries hired a private laboratory to independently audit the production process. PrimusLabs, the selected company, collected rice samples before the harvest. Their analises certified that the rice was 100 percent free of any traces of pesticides.DistributionThe pesticide-free certification allowed the project to move to the marketing stage. The organic rice is available at various supermarkets across the country, under the Sabanero EcoArroz brand. Sabanero sales manager Jorge del Pozo said that the retail price is very accessible, considering the high production cost of the product: an 1.8-kilogram bag costs ₡1,540 (approximately $2.80).Rice is an essential product in the Costa Rican diet, and many families eat it two or three times a day.Projections from the National Rice Corporation (CONARROZ) state that Ticos are expected to consume 340,000 metric tons of rice in the 2016-2017 rice season that started in July.Current production supplies just over half of the national demand. Earlier this month, the Agriculture Ministry signed a decree authorizing the import of 73,000 metric tons required to cover the estimated consumption for the first half of 2017.Economy Minister Welmer Ramos said Costa Rica has committed to develop efficient farming through environmentally sustainable practices.“We are strongly encouraging innovation and the dissemination of new production processes and practices,” he said. Facebook Commentslast_img read more