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Handson Google Reader Android app on the Galaxy Tab

first_imgThe Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google’s new Reader for Android app sound like a perfect combination. After all, you get full GReader support in a free, official app as well as the large display of the GTab. What’s not to love?The video above runs through a demo of the Reader app on the 7-inch Android tablet. It’s starts with a fresh Google account so you can see the “out of box” experience (and so you can’t see my dozens of LOLcat feeds).Verdict: I like it. I have my issues with the Galaxy Tab but none of its shortcomings really affect the usage of the Google Reader app. In fact the app probably looks better on the 7-inch screen than it would on a 10-inch one because of the layout. A 10-inch screen could move to a cool windowed version, like in Gmail for the iPad, but that’d definitely take some more work on Google’s part.As for the app, it’s quick, it has pretty much all the tools found on Google Reader’s full web version (as well as some new ones), and it’s enjoyable to use. RSS reading is a huge feature for me and one my tablet has to handle well, which means Android has an advantage over iOS because of Google’s release of their own app. iOS users are stuck with non-free options, some of which are very good (like Reeder) but I’d prefer to use first-party tools, especially as Google has established a track record of putting out pretty solid apps.last_img read more