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A Better Life Fall League Game 1

first_imgCavs beat OKC, 67-60. Cavs came out playing like they always do. They are not with their point guard Zach Lui, but they have added Ricky Hoffman and Travis Conyers. They’re great additions. These two guys showed their game last night. They’re maybe the team to beat.OKC, the current champions, had 38 percent field goals attempt. Justine Guthrie had only 6 points. Definitely seems like first game jitters. I am not worried with this team; they always play better during the later part of the season.Cavs: R. Hoffman – 23, T. Conyers – 15, J. Flynn – 14, L. Miranda – 8, J. Stevenson – 4, J. Galeon – 3OKC: M. McMonagle – 16, D. Liming – 13, J. Roberson – 8, P. McMonagle – 7, J. Guthrie – 6, L. Pagan – 5, A. Yap – 3, S. Onarce – 2 Raptors defeated the Lakers, 63-59. Welcome to the league, Raptors, the new team who has its sight on the title this season. This group has been playing together for a while so team chemistry is not the question here. Darrel Lamont Williams plays on both ends of the game. Justine Conroy is court savvy. They’re definitely a team to watch this season. They edged out the Lakers last night. The Lakers, with one of the best players in our league, Kevin Walker, had to learn team chemistry. It’s their first time playing with each other. If they figure things out, watch out for this sleeper team.Raptors: D. Williams – 16, S. Devaney – 14, K. Jaworski – 12, J. Conroy – 10, J. D’Amato – 6, M. Defazio – 3, K. King – 2.Lakers: K. Walker – 25, J. Smooth – 13, Mo Stack – 8, RJ Purino – 6, M. Barry – 3, #9 – 2, #7 – 2.The Bucks edged out the Spurs, 67-65. The Bucks’ new line up can be dangerous in this league. Tamir Sowell and JP Anacreon’s combination of hustle and defense gave the Spurs a good run for their money. The Spurs, with new point guard Alex Mirabel, will adjust to the new team. Sometimes it only takes a game. Although they lost last night, this team can win it all. As a team, they have to have that chemistry to make this happen. It was a great game. JP Anacreon put back in the last second and won it for the Bucks.Bucks: T. Sowell – 25, JP Anacreon – 17, C. Obreo – 8, J. Jones – 8, G. Corea – 6, B. Smith – 3Spurs: JJ Hladik – 36, A. Mirabel – 10, B. Pipher – 10, J. Fortune – 9, R. King – 0, F. Cheng – 0, M. Aulov – 0Standing: Cavs (1-0), Raptors (1-0), Bucks (1-0), OKC (0-1), Lakers (0-1), Spurs (0-1), Sixers (0-0)last_img read more