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All hopes of work Candy Crushed

first_imgA recent survey by Student Beans has found that 80% of students spend over 3 hours a day procrastinating, with Candy Crush revealed as the top app for time-wasting. Sitcom The Big Bang Theory also headed the leader board as the most-watched TV programme whilst procrastinating.With finals, end-of-year exams, and dissertation deadlines looming, browsing the Internet was named the main distraction by 39% of students. Facebook was, unsurprisingly, the most popular website but Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat were close behind in the top 5 most distracting apps. 94% of those surveyed said they would even resort to cleaning their room instead of working.Cherwell found that Oxford students are getting inventive with their procrastination. From Harry Potter marathons to developing a “sudden and irrational passion for baking”, every time-wasting avenue has been explored.Charlotte Smyth, a computer scientist from Oriel has been to greater lengths to procrastinate than most. She said, “I ran so far from work this holiday that I ended up entering a 5km charity run.”One history undergraduate from Wadham remarked, “When you’ve done every single quiz on Buzzfeed and know exactly what potato, cookie and Disney character you are, then you’ve spent too much time procrastinating.”According to the study, boys are bigger culprits than girls with 21% spending over 7 hours a day procrastinating compared to 16% of girls.The survey found that 39% of students do procrastinate more during the final term of university when there are exams, final coursework due or thesis deadlines. Michael Tefula, author of Student Procrastination: Seize the Day and Get More Work Done said, “Deadlines determine what procrastination is and what it isn’t. When the workload increases, we turn to ordinary activities to avoid doing the work that is required of us. This is why cleaning your room is more bearable (and perhaps even enjoyable) in the final term than in the first.” The survey was carried out online; Student Beans questioned 923 university students in March 2014. James Read, editor of Student Beans advised students, “Split huge tasks into small goals that can be rewarded with breaks If all else fails, block yourself from websites and turn off your phone!”last_img read more