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Zidane: “Hazard is 100% discarded for the Super Cup”

first_imgZidane has recovered Isco. Are you aware of that headline? Is he the player he feels most identified with by his characteristics?Isco is an important player and has shown that he wants to be here and fight his place. The important thing is to know that every time you have the opportunity to play. I identify with Isco on the subject of the position, yes; And I like how he plays.Do you consider the statement that it is easier to win the Champions League than the League?I don `t believe. We know the difficulty of the Champions League. They are the best teams there and every time you advance it is more complicated. To me about the League, because we have many games, I consider it a very difficult competition to get and the only League I have won as a coach was the last day in Malaga. That shows the difficulty. But the Champions League is very complicated too.In the last five years, only one victory in the first League match.I can not tell you why. We return very well, physically and as we train. We want to vovler to play. The motivation we have is very high and that is very good to start over. Let’s try to change how we started the year.In 2019 you said you were in love with Mbappé. 2020 is the year Zidane has forgotten about Pogba?I will not answer anything. Paul is a player from another team. He is a little injured and I hope he will play again soon. I wish him well. The most important thing for us is the players I have and tomorrow’s game.What do you think of the Getafe game and what is Bordalás doing?Of 10. It is a team that is giving everything in the field. It’s close to the Champions like last year. Rendering and being up on the table is complicated.In weeks without a game on Tuesday or Wednesday, would you like to play the League on Friday to have more time to rest and prepare for the next game?We adapt to the calendar given to us in the League, the Champions, whatever. We have to be prepared, as always. The best way to do this is to recover when we have rest and do things. The calendar can have a rest day or so and we know anyway that the calendar is very difficult for us because we have many games and also the players with the selection as well. We adapt.Have you done any specific work for the return of the holidays?We have not done any specific work. The important thing was to return physically well and the players are. We have returned with a lot of motivation, eager to play. And that’s the important thing, maybe more than thinking if we have difficulties after the holidays.What are your wishes for 2020?What I want to my team and my staff is that we continue to improve professionally because we will need it. The competition is going to be increasingly complicated. At the end of the season everything is played. It is a long process and that daily work is the most important. Hopefully in 2020 we can continue with our good dynamics. We had difficulties in 2019 but we finished very well, even not winning the last two games. The fight always continues, but more than the fight is the motivation we have in playing again. The most important thing is the motivation we have.Last two games without goals. Is the lack of goal a problem?I don `t believe. I am saying the same. There are moments and parties in which you can have occasions and not specify them. It’s what happened to us in the last two games. The most important thing is the work you do every day to try to score. We are calm We have a game tomorrow to try to score, that’s the good thing about football.Would it be a failure not to achieve any degree?The failure is not to try, not to give everything. We have to train hard every day. There is a team that wins the League, another that wins the Champions League and the others are not stupid. What we want is to try to win things.At what point of recovery is Hazard?It is ruled out 100% for the Spanish Super Cup. It’s not coming. He is in a normal recovery process and I hope that after the Super Cup we will see him little by little with us.Brahim and Mariano. Would you like to have an assignment? If they leave, would you rethink to bring someone?You have to talk about each one of them. There are players who don’t have minutes and it could be a problem. What I can tell you is that everyone is here, they train … Then until the 31st many things can happen. We will see.Some players took to start after Mallorca. Do you see the most done team now to do rotations?I will count on everyone. That is my way of being. I have a good template, with many resources and I will use what I have. Some much, others less … Rotations depend on the parties, many things. What I see is the next game. We have two or three still out, but little by little all the players are ready and that’s good anyway. I prefer to have everyone than to have injured players. I will use everyone. That is the message.Do you have the feeling that Madrid deserves to be up?We lost points, that is a reality. In a season it is difficult to always score, because there are rivals, teams that also play. The most important thing for us is to give everything always. We can be happy with what we are doing. We want to improve and we will try to improve in 2020. Zinedine Zidane started the press conference prior to the match against Getafe congratulating those present in Valdebebas in 2020: “Happy year for all. I wish you the best for you and your families, ”said the Real Madrid coach.Difficulty activating the team after the break.center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 3, 2020last_img