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Google Doodle celebrates Marie Curie

first_imgThe Google Doodle today may be nothing more than a simple picture, but the lady seated at the table has a name everyone will hopefully recognize.Marie Curie was born on November 7th in 1867, and the 66 years she was alive saw her awarded two Nobel Prizes as well as laying the groundwork for the use of radiation to help fight cancer.Curie was awarded her first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 along with her husband for their research into radiation. Then in 1911 she received a second award, this time the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering the elements polonium and radium. She remains one of only two people to ever receive Nobel Prizes in different fields and is the first person to ever receive two such awards.Not content with just discovering the benefits of radiation, she also supported its use during World War I. In total, 18 mobile X-ray units, known as “Little Curies,” were used to help treat soldiers. They were powered by tubes of radium Curie purified.The research that Curie carried out was groundbreaking on two fronts. As well as paving the way for radiation to be used to fight cancer, it also forced a rethink on some of the foundations of physics and is thought to have allowed for later research into the structure of the atom. The other obstacle Curie overcame during her lifetime was the fact she was a woman, which in the early 1900s made her achievements all the more difficult and impressive.Unfortunately, discovering the benefits of radiation and working with it for so many years eventually led to Curie’s death. In 1934 at the age of 66 she lost her life to aplastic anemia, which sees a person’s bone marrow unable to replenish red and white blood cells, as well as platelets. The cause of her illness and death is thought to be the radiation she was exposed to through her work.More at Wikipedialast_img read more