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The Tragedy Of The Yukpa People Fleeing Venezuela

first_imgBy Jaime Moreno / Voice of America January 10, 2020 The economic crisis in Venezuela has endangered the survival of the Yukpa people, an ancestral indigenous community that has been forced to emigrate looking for food.For centuries, the Yukpa people have lived in the Perijá mountains, Zulia state, but for the past three years at least 350 of its members live in an improvised camp near the Táchira River, in Cúcuta, Colombia.The tribe lives in poor conditions, but its members don’t believe that going back to Venezuela is an option. “We are doing some work here, looking for scrap metal. Children eat only once a day,” Dionisio Finol, one of the chiefs at the Cúcuta camp, told Venezuela 360.“Today I went to collect some scrap metal, and that’s how I support my children,” he added, as he described one of the most serious problems affecting the tribe: hunger.In Venezuela, the Yukpa people were devoted to agriculture, and part of what they produced was sold to buy basic foods, like rice or pasta. Due to inflation, these foods have now become luxury products.“You can’t buy [anything] with Venezuelan money, it’s too expensive, and you can’t find medicine and food. That’s not a problem here in Colombia, because you work and you eat,” says José, the other chief at the camp.“We struggle to eat and to prepare at least some soup,” says Noremi Romero, as she cooks for her eight children.The levels of malnutrition are threatening the future livelihood of the tribe, with children being the most vulnerable group due to the lack of food and nutrients to support their normal growth process.Limited helpTraditionally, the Yukpa people were split in two groups: those living in the Perijá mountains, on the Colombian side, and those in Venezuelan territory.Government assistance for the Venezuelan Yukpa is limited, because they are not legally recognized as binational indigenous people in Colombia. Consequently, they don’t have the same access to social programs as the Yukpa members who lived in the Perijá mountains on the Colombian side, who are protected under special indigenous jurisdiction.By the end of the 16th century, the Yukpa people sought refuge in the Perijá mountains to survive the violence of Spanish conquistadors. Today, starvation threatens the existence of a community that has been forced to leave their ancestral refuge in the quest for food.last_img read more

Transcript reveals that Debbie & Blake filed complaint

first_imgAfter delaying the publication of a transcript from a hearing regarding allegations against the Mai & Brianna campaign, the Undergraduate Student Government released a transcript Thursday revealing that the Debbie & Blake ticket had filed the complaint.In the complaint, the Debbie & Blake campaign said that the Mai & Brianna campaign had violated Elections Code VII.A and VIII.A, alleging that the opposing campaign received help designing a graphic from somebody outside of their core five team before official campaigning began on Jan. 25.The Election Commission, which facilitated the hearing on Monday, released a verdict on Wednesday, finding that “no infraction occurred” within the Mai & Brianna campaign.The transcript reveals that in the hearing, the Debbie & Blake campaign presented a social media caption from the student who allegedly designed Mai & Brianna’s graphics. The caption stated that the designer had the “opportunity to design all the graphics for the MB 2018 team campaign.”The Mai & Brianna campaign responded to these allegations by stating that the designer had no knowledge that the graphics were for the official campaign, but rather that they were for a school project.The Mai & Brianna campaign presented a letter from the designer as evidence.“Prior to January 25 at 7 PM, I had NO KNOWLEDGE that Mai and Brianna were running for office through USG,” the email read. “I’m deeply sorry for any trouble that I have caused and hope this matter will be resolved as soon as possible.”In a verdict published Wednesday, the Election Commission stated, “The petitioners could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the respondent’s had violated Elections Code.” Following the publication of the verdict, the Daily Trojan requested an official transcript copy of Monday’s hearing at the USG office Wednesday afternoon, but was denied.According to the Elections Code XIII.D, “a written copy of the transcript will be released to both the general public and the press.”USG’s statement also said that the Elections Code required that the transcript be made available within “the 24-hour window,” but no such timeframe is listed in the Elections Code. Instead, the code states that “the transcript shall be available in the USG office for public consumption as soon as a verdict is reached.”In a statement sent to the Daily Trojan on Thursday after the release of the transcripts, USG extended “its deepest apologies” for the delayed release of the hearing transcript. “Due to unforeseen circumstances and technical difficulties, the hearing transcript was released the morning of Thursday,” the USG statement read. “The USG Elections and Recruitment team are ardently working on developing a more efficient method of releasing future hearing transcripts.”last_img read more

a month agoArsenal director Venkatesham plays down January transfers: It must be tactical

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Arsenal director Venkatesham plays down January transfers: It must be tacticalby Freddie Taylora month agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal’s managing director Vinai Venkatesham has played down the likelihood of the club making moves in the January transfer window.The Gunners were active in the summer market, signing Nicolas Pepe, William Saliba, Kieran Tierney, Dani Ceballos, David Luiz and Gabriel Martinelli.But Venkatesham says any more signings in January will only come out of necessity.He told Bloomberg: “Well listen, we’ve just been through the transfer period in the summer, that’s what we always call the main transfer window. “We were very aggressive in that transfer window, signing a number of new players that we’re very excited about, predominately targeting young players that we believe can grow and develop with us over future years. “When we look forward to January, we’ll see when January comes. I’d say that we always treat the summer window as being the more strategic window.The January window is the one where you need to be a bit more tactical, maybe responding to an injury or another demand. But really our work is done in the summer and we’re really pleased with what we did in the summer.’Asked whether the defence would be strengthened again, he continued: “Listen, as I’ve said, we’ve been really focused over the summer, we made some defensive reinforcements signing David Luiz from Chelsea and Kieran Tierney from Celtic.”We’re looking forward to seeing how those players progress and how they do over the course of the season. “The players that we look for are the players we believe will make the biggest impact on the pitch from a sporting perspective.” last_img read more

More cameras tight security at this years Calgary Stampede

first_imgCALGARY — There will be more security cameras, metal detectors and bag searches at this year’s Calgary Stampede.Officials say there’s no concern about an attack — it’s just a matter of public safety.“We’re mindful of other world events where other incidents have occurred … where harm has been done to people by vehicles and things,” Calgary police Insp. Paul Wyatt said Wednesday.“It would be naive of us not to put measures in place to counter that.”The 10-day exhibition and rodeo begins Friday and more than 100,000 visitors are expected each day.Metal detectors and bag searches have become a regular routine for people entering the Stampede grounds. Last year, main entrances to the park were blocked by large cement planters to prevent possible vehicle attacks.The number of cameras has been increased by 10 per cent this year to address some gaps in security, said Wyatt.It’s not just the Stampede grounds that will be under surveillance. The parade on Friday, which attracts up to 350,000 people, has to be watched too.“We have plans in place,” Wyatt said. “We hope we don’t have to use them, but we’re prepared.”Wyatt is also asking the public to look out for anything suspicious. “Watch for unusual situations or items or if someone is acting strangely. And if you see something, please say something.”The head of Calgary’s Emergency Management Agency says police, fire and EMS officials have run through several possibilities.“We’ve run scenarios on the parade and we’ve run scenarios on the Stampede grounds. And I can tell you that we will be prepared and have the safest Stampede on record,” said Tom Sampson.Visitors are urged not to bring anything onto the grounds that they wouldn’t take through airport security.There are also new rules because this will be the first Stampede  since recreational cannabis was legalized, said Jim Laurendeau, vice-president of park planning.“There will be no consumption of cannabis in Stampede Park. However, as a legal item, people can carry it and it will not be confiscated at the gates.”And for those who flout the cannabis rules?“Our policy is they’ll be asked to stop and if need be we would take measures including escorting them off the premises.”— Follow @BillGraveland on Twitter Bill Graveland, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Changes to evacuation orders for the Old Fort Landslide

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Peace River Regional District has made changes to the evacuation orders for the Old Fort landslide.The evacuation order for the following properties only, has been rescinded. These properties are all clear and residents may return home:6867 Old Fort Road6786 Old Fort RoadThe Islands in Peace River with the exception of the area included on the map.The evacuation order for the following properties only has been downgraded to an evacuation alert: 7711 Old Fort Road7583 Old Fort Road7587 Old Fort RoadAll other properties in the indicated areas remain on evacuation alert or order as indicated on the map.For public inquiries, please call 250-784-3200last_img

Alarming Figures of Pedophilia in Morocco 71 cases per day

first_imgCasablanca- According to the latest statistics made available in 2011 by the High Commission for Planning, 26,000 children are subjected to rape per year, which represents an alarming ratio of 71 cases of rape per day.Rape has become one of the most condemned crimes in Moroccan society. In all its forms, rape has very detrimental effects on the victims not only at the psychological and physical levels, but also on their social life.Hespress news outlet recently published a video in which three female activists discuss the disastrous effect of rape on victims and their families. The intensity of the traumatic effects of this hideous crime might push the victim to subsequently commit suicide, as was the case with Amina Filali in March 2012.According to a female activist in the video, there are two elements that help rapists get away with their crimes in Morocco: (1) the social condition of the victims, which makes them vulnerable and unprotected at all levels, and (2) the judicial gaps in Moroccan law, which are exploited by rapists to guarantee not being punished for their crime.According to the same activists, 26,000 children, were victims of rape, a figure previously revealed by the High Commission for Planning (HCP).However, this figure only encompasses the number of victims who reported their cases. Other victims, whose number is unknown, are loath to be part of any statistics, and prefer to maintain their anonymity.The social traditionalism that certain Moroccan families cling to pushes them to renounce the rights of victims from fear of being socially rejected. This, coupled with a penal code that is not strictly enforced, only encourages rapists in Morocco to commit more crimes.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributelast_img read more

NFL Week 2 Elo Ratings And Playoff Odds

It’s a cliche: Every game counts in a league that plays just 16 of them. But Benjamin Morris’s findings in his debut Skeptical Football column were nevertheless striking: A Week 1 or Week 2 game can affect an NFL team’s chances of making the playoffs by as much as 20 or 30 percent.We also see that reflected in FiveThirtyEight’s NFL Elo ratings playoff odds, a feature we debuted last week.What are Elo ratings? The short version: Elo ratings are a simple mathematical system originally designed to rate chess players. They’ve since been adapted to a number of sports such as soccer, and we’ve adapted them to the NFL. The Elo ratings only account for fairly basic information like wins and losses, strength of schedule and margin of victory. There are more advanced systems out there, but Elo ratings are transparent, easy to calculate and we can do a lot of fun stuff with them, like simulating the rest of the season and calculating playoff odds. For more on the methodology, see here.In our Week 1 ratings — which were based on a team’s Elo rating at the end of last season — the New England Patriots had a 73 percent chance of making the playoffs and the Miami Dolphins had just a 32 percent chance. But the Dolphins upset the Patriots, and now it’s almost even: New England is at 54 percent to make the playoffs and Miami at 50 percent.Why such a big shift? Well, every game counts (especially a divisional game; our simulation accounts for playoff tiebreakers). But also, the Patriots now look slightly worse than Elo originally pegged them, and the Dolphins look slightly better. Before Week 1, Miami had projected to win 7.7 games; it now projects to win 9.1. In other words, one NFL win for the Dolphins was worth more than one win in the Elo standings because Miami’s Elo rating improved.Here are the latest Elo ratings and playoff odds for all 32 teams:A few other comments:The teams with the largest gains on the week, in addition to the Dolphins, were the Minnesota Vikings, who gained 46 Elo points after demolishing the St. Louis Rams, and the Tennessee Titans, who added 38 Elo points after beating the Kansas City Chiefs. Both Minnesota and Tennessee are now better than even money to make the playoffs; the Titans are helped by playing in the league’s weakest division (although the NFC East might have something to say about that).It’s early, but perhaps we’re seeing the emergence of a Big Three. The Seattle Seahawks are the most likely team to win the Super Bowl, at 16 percent, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at 13 percent and the Denver Broncos at 11 percent. Then there’s a fairly big drop to the Carolina Panthers at 7 percent.Meanwhile, in the it’s-already-time-to-panic department, the Chiefs project to just a 6-10 record and have only a 13 percent chance of making the playoffs.Elo ratings can also be used to derive point spreads. We strongly advise that you don’t bet on these, at least not without considering a lot of other information — Vegas betting lines are too sophisticated to be beaten by a simple system like Elo. Still, it’s fun to track their progress. Last week, they went 8-8 against point spreads as listed at Pro-Football-Reference.com.There are some funky matchups this week. Elo has the Vikings at almost even money at home against New England, while Vegas has the Patriots as 3-point favorites. Another point of disagreement is Seattle at San Diego; Vegas has the Seahawks as 6-point favorites — a lot on the road against a playoff team. Elo thinks they should be favored over the Chargers by a field goal instead. read more

The Legend Of Tom Izzo Grows

Last Tuesday, I crunched some numbers on which NCAA men’s tournament coaches exceeded expectations the most since the tourney expanded to 64 teams in 1985, based on their teams’ seeds at the start of the tournament. Perhaps not surprisingly, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo ruled all, with his Spartans winning 14.6 more games than would be expected based on the way they were seeded. And after Izzo won two more games over the weekend to secure the Spartans’ seventh Final Four bid under his watch, we thought we’d update the numbers1With a slight tweak to the SRS adjustment that forces the sum of each tournament’s field-wide expected wins to equal 63. to reflect the latest results.Izzo is still No. 1 of course, with 16.2 wins above expectation now (after adding in his two wins over the weekend, plus Michigan State’s expected future wins according to the FiveThirtyEight tournament predictions), while the coach he beat in the East Regional final, Rick Pitino, ranks second since ’85.Two of Izzo’s fellow Final Four coaches also rank among the top 10. John Calipari of Kentucky (whom the Spartans could face for the national championship in a week) places third. And Mike Krzyzewski, whose Duke Blue Devils will play Michigan State on Saturday, ranks 10th. Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan may seem like the odd man out, but Ryan’s teams have still exceeded expectations — though only by 2.7 wins over his career, which ranks 31st since 1985. read more