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The One Pollster in America Who is Sure Trump is Going to Win

first_imgFour years ago, he addressed this by asking people both whom they would support for president and whom they thought their neighbors would support. This year, he said, he is using other means to achieve the same result. Trafalgar does not disclose its methods, and is considered far too shadowy by other pollsters to be taken seriously. Mostly, they dismiss it as an outlier. But for Mr. Cahaly, “I told you so” is already a calling card.In 2016, its first time publicly releasing polls, Trafalgar was the firm whose state surveys most effectively presaged Mr. Trump’s upset win. A veteran Republican strategist, Mr. Cahaly even called the exact number of Electoral College votes that Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton would receive — 306 to 227 — although his prediction of which states would get them there was just slightly off. – Advertisement – Mr. Cahaly feels no need to reveal his techniques, despite the near-universal doubt about his work from his peers. “I’ve given away enough; I’m not giving away any more,” he said, arguing that it had been a mistake to even tell the public about his “neighbor question,” which some other firms have since adopted in their own surveys.“I think we’ve developed something that’s very different from what other people do, and I really am not interested in telling people how we do it,” he said. “Just judge us by whether we get it right.” So with liberal anxieties flaring over whether to trust the polls, the gregarious, goatee-and-bowtie-wearing Mr. Cahaly has been in demand on cable news lately. In addition to frequent appearances on Fox News, Mr. Cahaly was on CNN last week, explaining to Michael Smerconish why he thought the president would walk away with an easy victory — and defending himself against a battery of critiques that Mr. Smerconish called up, one by one, from Mr. Cahaly’s peers.- Advertisement – “I just think people are not what they say they are, ever,” Mr. Cahaly said in a recent phone interview from Atlanta, where he lives. “We cannot eliminate the social desirability bias, we can only minimize it.” But he’s not saying what they are. Mr. Cahaly releases almost no real explanation of his polling methodology; the methods page on Trafalgar’s website contains what reads like a vague advertisement of its services and explains that its polls actively confront social desirability bias, without giving specifics as to how. He says that he uses a mixture of text messages, emails and phone calls — some automated, and some by live callers — to reach an accurate representation of the electorate.Conventional pollsters, who abide by long-tested and broadly effective methods to glean a representative sample, aren’t buying it. Besides, if there was ever such a thing as a “shy Trump supporter” — someone reluctant to admit that he or she plans to vote for the president — that species has been made virtually extinct during the raucous, rally-holding Trump presidency, said Daniel Cox, a polling and public opinion expert at the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute.“People do not seem embarrassed to support Mr. Trump,” Mr. Cox said. In the past four years, studies seeking to quantify a so-called “shy Trump” effect in surveys have generally found little evidence to support it.Late last month, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight got his hands on the cross tabs of a Trafalgar poll of Michigan that was still in progress. It found that more than a quarter of Democrats and Republicans expected to vote for the other party’s nominee, so far out of line with almost all other polls that Mr. Silver called the numbers “just crazy.”Mr. Cahaly, of course, has no use for the skepticism of experts. He doesn’t seem to care whether he’s abiding by the best practices of the American Association of Public Opinion Research, the standard-bearing trade organization, any more than Mr. Trump says he cares whether the United States’ NATO allies respect him. Mr. Cahaly said he was doing legitimate polling, aimed at truly understanding voters’ opinions — and getting what he called “dead-on” results. During the 2016 Republican primaries, he was early to spot a surge of enthusiasm from many working-class voters who had long felt alienated from politics and helped power Mr. Trump’s ascent.center_img “I kept getting these stories about people who showed up to vote and didn’t know how to use the voting machines, they hadn’t voted in so long,” Mr. Cahaly said. So he began to look into who those people might be, and used data available online to create a list of roughly 50 lifestyle characteristics — including, for instance, whether they owned a fishing license — to identify the sorts of low-engagement voters who were turning out in droves. He used that data to make sure he was reaching the right kinds of respondents as he polled off the voter file in advance of the general election.In 2018, Mr. Cahaly again amassed a successful track record polling Senate and governors’ races, including surveys that correctly presaged Ron DeSantis’s and Rick Scott’s wins in Florida.This year, he has continued to see strong Trump support among these voters, and he believes other pollsters are again underestimating their importance. Among Mr. Cahaly’s theories is that it takes five times as many calls to get a conservative voter to complete a poll than to get a liberal one. Others in the field say they find no evidence to support this in their own work. But Mr. Cahaly insists it is presumptuous for pollsters to assume that they are drawing a representative sample of voters just because they are adhering to the scientific method. He returns to the country’s political divide, and how unwilling Americans are nowadays to communicate with each other from across the breach of suspicion. In a sense, he has positioned himself as a bard of Trumpism, giving voice to a silent majority — or at least, a majority in the Electoral College — that knows the elites consider its views deplorable, and therefore won’t express them freely to just anyone.“Lee Atwater drilled into everyone around me that you have to get out of the head of politicos and into the head of Joe Six-Pack,” Mr. Cahaly said. “What do the average people think? And to do that I like to talk to average people. I like to follow up polling calls and chat with people for 30 minutes.” Josh Pasek, a professor of communications, data and political science at the University of Michigan, said that without a sense of the methods the firm uses to reach survey respondents, it’s not possible to rely on the numbers.“It is wildly inappropriate not to tell me, not only what modes you use to draw your sample, but how specifically you did it,” he said. His general rule: “If somebody’s not transparent you can generally assume they’re crap.”There is something undeniably enticing about the story of a swashbuckling, norm-busting Southern pollster who rode into 2016 with a fresh approach and proved all the bigger shops wrong. Born in Georgia and raised in upstate South Carolina by a banker and a teacher, Mr. Cahaly developed a politics obsession as a child and majored in it at the University of South Carolina. He soon came under the wing of the pollster Rod Shealy, an acolyte of the Republican strategist Lee Atwater, and eventually started his own firm.Named after a battle in the Napoleonic Wars when the British navy turned back French and Spanish ships on the high seas, Trafalgar, which he runs alone, has been doing surveys on behalf of clients since 2006.Most of Trafalgar’s polling is done for conservative and Republican clients, although — in another snub of traditional standards — it has not reliably revealed when surveys are paid for by partisan interests.In 2010, Mr. Cahaly was arrested and taken to court for violating a law against using automatic calling machines — known as robocalling — to conduct polls. The charges against him were eventually dropped, and he later successfully sued a state law enforcement agency, causing South Carolina’s prohibition on robocalls to be declared unconstitutional. If President Trump pieces together an Electoral College win on Tuesday, at least one pollster — and perhaps only one — will be able to say, “I told you so.”That person is Robert Cahaly, whose Trafalgar Group this year has released a consistent stream of battleground-state polls showing the president highly competitive against Joseph R. Biden Jr., and often out ahead, in states where most other pollsters have shown a steady Biden lead.- Advertisement – Updated Nov. 2, 2020, 9:38 p.m. ET Among his polling colleagues, the main sticking point is Mr. Cahaly’s lack of transparency about his methods. Amid a crush of pre-election media coverage seeking his theory of the case — it drove more than 1.5 million clicks to Trafalgar’s site on Monday, he said — the big question seems to be: Is it possible to believe a guy whose polls consistently give Mr. Trump just enough support for a narrow lead in most swing states, and who refuses to reveal much of anything about how he gets his data?In his last few polls of this election season, Mr. Cahaly has found Mr. Trump with two-to-three-point advantages in North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan and Florida, and wider leads elsewhere. That puts him far out of line with almost all major pollsters, whose surveys in those states are generally showing Mr. Biden with the edge. As different as things are this year, it’s hard to miss the echo of 2016, when Trafalgar occupied a similarly lonely position on the eve of Nov. 8.Above all, Mr. Cahaly’s approach centers on the belief that everyone lies, but especially conservatives. This has largely been disproved by social science, but that hasn’t softened his conviction. To hear him explain it, traditional pollsters (he calls them “dinosaurs”) are crippled by “social desirability bias”: the tendency for respondents to say what they think an interviewer wants to hear, not what they actually believe. In Mr. Trump’s America, he says, that problem has grown worse.- Advertisement –last_img read more

The historian Jon Meacham, who wrote of ‘the soul of America,’ has been working on Biden’s speeches.

first_imgMr. Biden’s speech-writing process is run by Mike Donilon, the president-elect’s longtime adviser. But behind the scenes, Mr. Meacham has been playing a larger role than was previously known, both writing drafts of speeches and offering edits on many of Mr. Biden’s big addresses, including one he gave at Gettysburg last month and his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in August.TJ Ducklo, a spokesman for Mr. Biden, downplayed Mr. Meacham’s role. “President-elect Joe Biden wrote the speech he delivered to the American people on Saturday night, which laid out his vision for uniting and healing the nation,” Mr. Ducklo said. “Given the significance of the speech, he consulted a number of important, and diverse, voices as part of his writing process, as he often does.” Mr. Meacham declined to comment on his role.During the Trump years, Mr. Meacham has been a regular presence on both MSNBC and NBC News’ broadcasts, where he served as a paid contributor. Mr. Meacham, who has voted for presidents in both parties, played an unusual role during the campaign. He publicly endorsed Mr. Biden in an op-ed and received a prime speaking slot at the D.N.C. this year.“To record history doesn’t mean you are removed from it,” Mr. Meacham said over the summer, noting he had been friends with Mr. Biden for a long time.Mr. Meacham is currently not expected to join the administration. But his role helping to craft Mr. Biden’s biggest addresses has shades of the presidential historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.’s relationship with President John F. Kennedy. Mr. Schlesinger worked for Mr. Kennedy’s campaign and as a member of his White House staff.- Advertisement – The network declined to comment on Monday, but Mr. Meacham will no longer be a paid contributor going forward, according to a person familiar with the decision. That person added, however, that Mr. Meacham would be welcomed back on the airwaves as a guest.Indeed, Mr. Meacham appeared on MSNBC both shortly before and after Mr. Biden’s speech. About half an hour after the speech had concluded, the anchor Brian Williams introduced Mr. Meacham by saying, “I’m not the historian that you are, and I don’t have the Pulitzer that you do, but do you concur that is the way we are used to hearing from our presidents?”“Absolutely,” Mr. Meacham responded, without disclosing that he been involved in the writing of Mr. Biden’s speech. Jon Meacham, the presidential historian and biographer, has been helping to craft President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s speeches, according to multiple sources involved, including helping to write the acceptance speech that Mr. Biden that he delivered Saturday night from Wilmington.In that address, Mr. Biden spoke of a mission “to rebuild the soul of America, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, the middle class and to make America respected around the world again.” Mr. Meacham’s 2018 book, “The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels,” has long served as a touchstone for Mr. Biden, who read it and has reached out to Mr. Meacham in the past to discuss passages he liked.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – A Biden official added that Mr. Meacham was involved in discussions about the themes in the victory speech.- Advertisement –last_img read more

FA Cup second-round draw: Non-league Chorley travel to League One leaders Peterborough | Football News

first_imgWesley Fonguck celebrates his goal against BurtonImage:Barnet’s Wesley Fonguck celebrates his goal against Burton in the FA Cup first round November 28: Second roundJanuary 9 2021: Third roundJanuary 23 2021: Fourth roundFebruary 10 2021: Fifth roundMarch 20 2021: Quarter-finalsApril 17 2021: Semi-finalsMay 15 2021: Final National League side King’s Lynn Town secured a place in the second round for the first time in their short history with a 1-0 win over League Two club Port Vale at the weekend, and they have been rewarded with a trip to 2008 winners Portsmouth.Canvey Island – the lowest-ranked team left – host Boreham Wood, while Salford City travel to fellow League Two club and current league leaders Newport County. Eighth-tier Marine will host Havant & Waterlooville after they overcame League Two club Colchester on penalties, and National League club Barnet – who made the fourth round last season – welcome League One side MK Dons to west London.FA Cup second-round drawStevenage vs Hull CityHarrogate Town vs BlackpoolTranmere Rovers vs Brackley TownBarrow or AFC Wimbledon vs Crawley TownStockport County vs Yeovil TownPlymouth Argyle vs Lincoln CityPortsmouth vs King’s Lynn TownCheltenham Town vs Crewe AlexandraPeterborough United vs ChorleyMorecambe vs Solihull MoorsShrewsbury Town vs Oxford City or Northampton TownMansfield Town vs Dagenham & RedbridgeNewport County vs Salford CityMarine vs Havant & WaterloovilleGillingham vs Exeter CityCanvey Island vs Boreham WoodCarlisle United vs Doncaster RoversBarnet vs MK DonsBristol Rovers vs DarlingtonBradford City vs Oldham Athletic- Advertisement – The second round proper will be held across the weekend of November 27-30.FA Cup datesThe full schedule for this season’s FA Cup has been confirmed, with the final due to take place on Saturday May 15, 2021.Replays have been scrapped – for this season only – to ease pressure on the football schedule.- Advertisement – National League North’s Chorley will travel to League One leaders Peterborough in the second round of the FA Cup.Chorley – one of 14 non-League teams left in this season’s competition – beat Wigan on Saturday and will now face Darren Ferguson’s high-flying side for a place in the third round.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Campbell Gray Hotels signs for new project in Cairo | News

first_img– Advertisement – A new hotel and wellbeing development at the Kings Polo Academy in Cairo is set to become the latest opening from Campbell Gray Hotels.  The bespoke international hotel operator will be working with Esmeralda Real Estate Development to bring a new level of comfort and style to Egypt.- Advertisement – Saad Audeh, chairman, Campbell Gray Hotels said: “We are thrilled to be part of this unique project in Cairo by Esmeralda Real Estate Development.  “We share their vision to create a totally unique and modern destination, built around the passion and excitement for polo and equestrian pursuits. “Located so close to the Pyramids and the new Grand Egyptian Museum, the resort is perfectly placed for historic tours of Egypt.  “Campbell Gray Hotels will deliver its usual exceptional standards of service and create lasting memories for guests staying at this wonderful destination.” to launch Bristol base next springcenter_img The clubhouse will comprise a speciality restaurant, lounge bar and dining area and a field side outdoor match terrace, perfect for spectators to watch the polo games.  The original site has been home to the Kings Polo Academy for three years. The Kings Polo Academy was the first of its kind in Egypt, offering a centre of excellence for polo in the region.- Advertisement – Expected to open in early 2022, the hotel, which will be named next year, will have 70 rooms and suites overlooking the polo fields and landscaped gardens. The boutique hotel will offer spacious bedrooms, an all-day dining restaurant, bar and outdoor terrace, as well as a library lounge which will house the largest equestrian book collection in the region.  As well as the hotel, a new clubhouse, adjacent to the existing Kings Polo Academy will also be operated by Campbell Gray Hotels. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Lenovo, Apple Lead PC Segment in Q3, Chromebooks Were Bestsellers: Canalys

first_imgHow to find the best deals during online sales? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. The report suggests that Chromebooks saw an impressive growth with HP more than doubling volumes from a year ago to hit 3.2 million units. Most of the shipments from HP were directed to the US. In the Chromebooks category, Lenovo stands second with 1.8 million units shipped. It saw a year-on-year growth of 300 percent. This is largely attributed to the COVID-19 crisis forcing students to study online and adults to work from home. Dell, Acer, and Asus are also reported to have posted strong Chromebook shipment volumes, making it to the list of top five in the global Chromebooks shipment category for the third quarter of 2020.As mentioned, tablets also saw impressive growth with Apple leading the shipments with 15.2 million units and a growth of 47 percent. Samsung managed to come in second with over 9 million shipments and a growth of 80 percent from last year. Canalys says that Samsung has achieved such strong sales for the first time since Q4 2015. In the tablet category, Huawei comes in third with 5.1 million shipments and a growth of 38 percent. Amazon saw an annual growth of 7.9 percent, whereas Lenovo grew 58.9 percent year-on-year.Meanwhile, the desktop segment saw an overall market decline of 32 percent. In this category, desktop workstations saw a decline of 27 percent whereas tower and small desktops saw a decline of 33 percent year-on-year. All-in-ones saw a modest annual growth of 7 percent in Q3 2020.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img Chromebooks and tablets have seen stellar growth in the third quarter of 2020, whereas the desktop market saw an overall decline of 32 percent, according to a market analysis report from research firm Canalys. Its quarterly report on the PC market ecosystem reveals that Chromebooks were the best performing product in the PC landscape in Q3 as shipments grew 122 percent to a total of 9.4 million. Detachables like tablets and notebooks also grew 88 percent, and were reportedly the second-best performing products in the personal computing segment.Canalys reports that Lenovo shipped the most number of tablets, notebooks, and desktops at 23.5 million in Q3 2020. They were closely followed by Apple with 22.1 million Mac and iPad shipments. Other big players in the top five global PC category include HP, Dell, and Samsung. The overall global PC market saw total shipments of 124.5 million with 23 percent year-on-year growth.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Wales coach Wayne Pivac remains defiant despite sixth successive loss | Rugby Union News

first_img Josh Adams is tackled by Jamison Gibson-Park of as Peter O'Mahony dives for the loose ball Josh Adams is tackled by Jamison Gibson-Park of as Peter O'Mahony dives for the loose ball

NEWS SCAN: Indonesia’s suspicious health minister, business pandemic planning, cowpox from rats

first_imgMar 25, 2009Indonesian health minister skeptical about immunizations, foreign research supportIndonesia’s health minister Siti Fadilah Supari yesterday claimed that foreign pharmaceutical companies might be testing their products on the country’s citizens and said she’d push for ending childhood vaccinations for pneumonia, chicken pox, seasonal influenza, rubella, and typhoid if she doesn’t receive scientific proof that they are “beneficial,” according to an Associated Press (AP) report. She added that she still supports immunizations against measles, polio, tetanus, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis. In a related development, Supari told Indonesia’s research community to conduct their own virus and DNA research without assistance from foreign funding sources that she said might use the findings to develop a biological weapon to use against Indonesia, according to a report yesterday on the Web site, a Singapore-based news source.[Mar 24 story]Business trade group urges pandemic contingency planningAn international trade group for the insurance and financial industries today issued a report urging its members to consider the future impact of an influenza pandemic, which could, for example, prompt a range of issues, from liability issues related to event cancellations to civil unrest. The report, from the London-based Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), also urged companies to draw up their own pandemic plans, which should include gauging the impact of reduced service levels, ensuring staff safety, and providing cross-training and telecommuting opportunities.[Mar 2009 CII Thinkpiece report]Cowpox virus transmitted to humans from pet ratsTwo separate studies appearing today in the early online version of Emerging Infectious Diseases report two separate clusters in Germany and France of people contracting cowpox from pet rats. In the German case, five people from two separate households near Munich became infected after handling pet rats from the same litter. In France, four people living in separate households who bought rats from the same pet store all tested positive for cowpox, a close relative of smallpox. All nine patients recovered. The studies’ authors cite only one previous study linking cowpox in humans to a pet rat. They mention the rising popularity of keeping rodents as pets and emphasize caution to pet owners.[EID report from Germany][EID report from France]last_img read more

Nedo Pinezić: I am a typical Aboriginal in Croatia, a member of Homo Bodulus, a nation that is dying out

first_imgI AM HOMO BODULUS My name is Nedo Pinezić, I come from the island of Krk and I am a typical Aboriginal in Croatia, so a member of Homo Bodulus, a nation that is dying out.Why did I start this way? Because I want to see the Islanders Act, not the Islands Act. Why am I saying this? Because each island for itself, especially in Croatia, is a small world for itself and all the people on our islands are different as the conditions on each island are different and we cannot, unfortunately, put all the islands in the same basket.Only in Kvarner Rab differs absolutely from Krk and historically and naturally and culturally and certainly, Cres from Lošinj and so on. What we have to take care of is to save life on the islands, but the life of us islanders. Or, I will mention a person I don’t really appreciate too much – Donald Trump, we should use his motto “Who’s first?” and put “Bodul’s first” in the foreground.Who’s first? Are they the first foreign investors, are they the first domestic investors to build large apartment houses on the islands or should I be the first with my family to live proven for over 600 years on that island and whose ancestors have preserved life and culture on that island and living conditions for all who come to the island.GUESTS ARE LOOKING FOR A MEETING WITH A LOCAL HOST The point of all this is to preserve the Croatian man on the Croatian island. Why is this important? Because of tourism, gentlemen.Tourism has changed, you may not be up to date enough, but the data I will now put on the table very clearly show that according to one of the most relevant platforms in the world –, which daily accommodates one and a half million guests in the world whose annual income is equal to Croatian income tourism, says that 2/3 of the guests who travel are actually looking for contact with local people, looking for an experience of local culture, looking for local food, and what is interesting from the aspect of health tourism, as I like to call it or healthy tourism because it is a much nicer word, and that is that 2/3 of the people who travel really care about their health on that trip and want active rest, good food and a spiritual element, which means communication with the hosts.I am sorry that I have to sink from this place these strategies of which we have 250 and under whose burden many shelves in closets in many Ministries have given way so far because every strategy in Croatia when written, the moment the ink dries is already obsolete because the world changing, gentlemen. We live in an era of a revolution called the digital revolution of the 21st century, and in Croatia we are still thinking about another revolution, we are somewhere between an internal combustion engine and the so-called click or internet revolution, so we have a deviation of 20-30 years for current world events.OUR DEVELOPMENT IS EQUAL TO TONS OF CONCRETE BUILT INTO A BAY We also mystify health tourism or healthy tourism and make a big story out of it that is not relevant at all. Why? All our tourism is health, all our tourism is wellness tourism. Sea, sun, swimming – what is it? It is health tourism. Why do people come to the sea, to the sun and to swim than because of the sun and health. Is there another reason? Not. They want the sea, they want to swim, they want the tone of their skin, they fill up with vitamin D and feel good and it shows on the faces of these people.And that’s how tourism started, only it actually started by going to the mountains in summer and to the sea in winter. Do not be disappointed if this happens again soon, because of climate change and we have to take this aspect into account. That is why I said that strategies are outdated, and that we base our development on other people’s capital, on other people and on foreign investments, and we constantly talk about it because our development is equal to tons of concrete that was built into a bay. It is our development, and our development is not how many domicile people we have kept in an area. And then we talk about the Laws, about interdepartmental cooperation, so it happens that we write the Law on Islands, and at the same time the Ministry of Tourism released a proposal for the Law on Hospitality in which they delete the boarding house service. And the boarding house service was just in the past system so that locals would not have to open a business, craft or build a hotel, to sell their 3 potatoes, 4 tomatoes and two sardines for dinner to their dear guests.We had a boarding house in the household in the 70s, we had one bathroom in two rooms, my mother cooked dinners and we never had better and better guests. These were Austrian industrialists who would come to the kitchen after bathing, dip their finger in the paddle, lick it and say “Mmmmm what a nice dinner.” Because then we could, what we can’t today, serve products that are branded on the island in our boarding house.Today, due to HASAP and the confusion of pears and apples where high standards for the food industry are applied in the micro segment of catering, where nowhere in the EU such a thing exists, I was in France and Italy, I saw that such a thing does not exist but only in Croatia. We kicked out homemade food from small boarding houses. You can’t buy something packaged without sanitary conditions, which are such that you go to the nearest market there, where there is a declaration and you can give it to your guest, and you can’t give that potato and tomato from the garden because it is very questionable.ARE WE ASHAMED OF OURSELVES?We have degraded ourselves, we ask ourselves where has Croatian pride gone? Do we believe in ourselves? Do we trust our people? There is one region in Europe called the Alpine region where Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria, countries close to us in the north, which we take as a model because they base their development on local indigenous products and link their agricultural products to tourism and hospitality.Apartments and “Bed and breakfast”, but with the hosts, with the people who welcome you, with the locals, with the indigenous Aborigines from the Alps, with people who live their local lifestyle and who offer their local lifestyle as a model. You said that life on the islands is wellness in itself, I agree, Mediterranean lifestyle, Mediterranean cuisine is certainly a form of living a life that is healthy. In the Alps they said – yes, we love the mountains, we live our lifestyle, come to us and enjoy that lifestyle together with us. And that’s how they are branded and that’s how they are sold. And on the other hand, they made a model of Wellness and Wellbeing for small family subjects, from apartments, small family hotels, bed and breakfast and boarding houses in the household because you as the host guide your guest through your life. You go to the mountains – he goes with you, you go to the sea with nets – he goes with you, you go for the sheep – he goes with you, you go to the vineyard – he goes with you.You serve him your food on the table and have your little decorated wellness items. Nature, air, environment, healthy food and indigenous lifestyle is what the modern tourist wants more and more today, and you also heard data from from the beginning of this presentation. What is the difference between Croatia and these would say hillbilly people who have such an embarrassingly high standard per capita. The difference is that their administration was able to turn an ordinary mountain shepherd, a lumberjack, a peasant into a square, a top caterer and tourist worker.In Croatia, we are ashamed of our man, we ban his boarding house, we are looking for investors from around the world who will invest millions of euros here and who will do something much better than we are able to in our own country, on our own island. Don’t I on the island of Krk have the right to build a future for me and my children in a way that suits me. Do I have to expose myself too much to loans, go into big investments and experience a crash that I would have to sell that property to some foreigner again and eventually leave my island?Is it a strategy for the development of Croatian tourism, is it a strategy for the development of the island or should this strategy focus on the man as he is. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom, two rows of vineyards, a boat and a longline or a flock of 10 sheep.Are we ashamed of ourselves and where has Croatian pride disappeared? That’s my question to you.Published by: Nedo Pinezić / Source: Otoci.euRelated news: GET INVOLVED. OPEN CONSULTATION ON DRAFT ISLANDS BILLlast_img read more

The second edition of the project of tourist guides “Meet your country” is starting

first_imgA great tourist story and a very important segment in the mosaic of our tourism that we have absolutely neglected. In conclusion, this is an extremely important topic, getting to know your city and turning citizens into ambassadors of Croatian tourism. Why other cities, ie tourist boards, have not joined the whole initiative so far, even though it is their “obligation” precisely because of their primary activity and the importance of the topic, and it costs nothing but good will, is a question that all tourism entrepreneurs must ask themselves. of every city. Do we want tourism development or not? Obviously some don’t want to and don’t care. So don’t be surprised afterwards if things stand still. It’s up to the people. The city is the people, so the local people are tourism and the best ambassadors of Croatian tourism. The locals give rhythm and pulse to the destination, and guests want to get to know us and our culture of living, customs, our stories… because that is the very essence of tourism. As part of the second edition of the project “Meet your country”, the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides will organize free guided tours in all cities where tourist guides operate on the occasion of the International Recognition Day of Croatia, on January 13, 2019 (Sunday) starting at 12:00. guide – members of ZDTVH. In particular, it is about the organization of free guided tours by local tourist guides in each city, and all guided tours with tourist guides will start at the same time. The guides are intended for the local population to get to know their city and become ambassadors of Croatian tourism, but of course all visitors and tourists. Namely, protected localities are the only places where the activity of tourist guides and the presentation of our country can be performed by guides who are educated exclusively in the Republic of Croatia. “Considering that last year we received very good reactions from a large number of citizens, as well as almost all media, we decided to repeat the whole project and mark the Day of International Recognition of Croatia in the same way. We would like to point out the importance of tourist workers for the international reputation of Croatia as well as the importance of national identity and cultural heritage.”Points out Kristina Nuić Prka, president of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, and adds that they also want to point out in the same way the importance of the Ordinance on protected localities that is being drafted. RELATED NEWS:last_img read more