Neil Young Announces New Live Album ‘EARTH,’ Mixed With Nature Sounds

first_imgWhile Neil Young has been keeping busy with The Promise Of The Real, the beloved singer/songwriter has just announced plans for a brand new release. Titled EARTH, the new release is something quite unique, mixing live recordings with the music of the Earth itself, be it the natural tones of animals or the shrill sounds of the city.The new album is due out on June 17th, and the live audio was captured during Young’s 2015 tour with Promise Of The Real. That band features Lukas and Micah Nelson, sons of the great Willie Nelson. With cuts from their new release, The Monsanto Years, as well as tracks from Young’s storied career, there’s no shortage of material for this new release. Couple that with the unusual mixing approach, and you have the makings of an intriguing new album.Young shared his own note about the new release, which you can read below:EARTHWe made a live record and every creature on the planet seemed to show up.Suddenly all the living things of Earth were in the audience going crazy.Then they took over the stage, letting their wild sounds mingle with the Vanilla Singers perfect corporate harmony.Earth’s creatures let loose, there were Bee breakdowns, Bird breakdowns and yes, even Wall Street breakdowns, jamming with me and Promise of the Real!The show was non stop bliss for 98 minutes, no breaks.EARTH does not fit on iTunes.It breaks all their rules(and couldn’t all really be heard that way anyway)No one who was there will ever forget the love, wonder and beautiful madness of EARTH.I know I won’t.Neillast_img

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