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A century of changes in public health

first_img Read Full Story Harvard School of Public Health Dean Julio Frenk discussed changes in the field of public health since the School’s founding a century ago in a December 3, 2013 article for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s NewPublicHealth blog. The article is one of several on the blog focusing on HSPH’s Centennial.“The 100 years that have passed since the School of Public Health was founded are not just any 100 years—they’re the 100 years with the most intense transformations in health in human history,” Frenk told NewPublicHealth. “We have seen a more than doubling of life expectancy since the school was founded. Around 1900, the global average for life expectancy was 30 years. At the end of the century, the global average was about 65 years. It more than doubled in the 20th century, and that increase has continued with some setbacks, most notably the AIDS epidemic in [Sub-]Saharan Africa. And we have had a qualitative shift not just in the level of mortality, but in the causes of death. So we went from a preponderance of acute infections to now a predominance of mostly chronic non-communicable diseases, and that’s an incredible transition.”last_img read more

He Does WHAT in Something Rotten?! Five More Wacky Rumors About the Bard

first_img Something Rotten! The Bard does some pretty crazy stuff in Something Rotten—and while the new Broadway musical comedy by Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell is far from a biography, tons of juicy rumors really did swirl around William Shakespeare in his day. A few of these myths have since been debunked, while others might always remain a mystery. Check out our favorite wild rumors about the prolific playwright!1. Shakespeare smoked pot and crack?!The Bard mentioned “noted weed” in “Sonnet 76,” and art may have imitated life. South African scientists found traces of cannabis in pipes found in the playwright’s garden—the cannabis was found in a low concentration, so the word is still out on whether the playwright was a pothead. There were, however, definite traces of cocaine, according to National Geographic. “The readings we got were the same as if it had tested a modern-day crack pipe,” said Tommy van der Merwe of the Forensic Science Laboratory. Um, WHAT?2. He was really his godson’s father?!Soon after the Bard’s death, the playwright’s godson William Davenant announced publicly that he was actually Shakespeare’s son. Although he was unable to provide any real proof, Davenant, who was also a playwright, was named after Shakespeare. Hmm, that sounds suspicious. We’re gonna stick this one in the “rumors” pile, considering Davenant was the only person who swore it was the truth.3. The Bard was a deer thief?!As the old story goes, Shakespeare was arrested and put in prison for stealing the deer of Sir Thomas Lucy, a chief enforcer of Walshingham and Elizabeth. The Bard then purportedly wrote an angry poem and placed it on Lucy’s gate. Is this true? No one knows—but according to PBS, three separate 17th-century accounts have insisted it really happened!4. He was actually the Queen?!Will the real Bard please stand up? Some historians theorize that “William Shakespeare” was a pseudonym, and tons of people have been rumored to be the playwright, including Sir Francis Bacon, 17th Earl of Oxford, Christopher Marlowe and William Stanley. The wildest hypothesis? Queen Elizabeth I. Hmm, the Queen does draw a striking resemblance to Shakespeare…5. Shakespeare was gay?!Even though he was married with children (it’s widely believed he got hitched to the already-pregnant Anne Hathaway when he was 18 and she was 26), some sources suspect that the playwright preferred the company of men. Just ask Sir Ian McKellen! “Married, with children, he left his wife in Stratford to live in London. I’d say he slept with men,” McKellen told Page Six. “No doubt Shakespeare was gay.” Thanks Sir, for setting us straight—uh, gay! View Comments Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 1, 2017last_img read more

Cuomo’s ‘Fight For $15’ Minimum Wage Tour Makes Long Island Stop

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Poking her head over a podium emblazoned with the name of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, Shirley Newsome spoke passionately about the love she has for her job—a profession many people would eschew because it could prove too burdensome.Still, the home healthcare worker admitted, she would choose her current gig over any other if she had the choice.“It’s an honest living,” she told the assembled crowd in Westbury, while lamenting the strain of barely making ends meet. Newsome was among dozens of people who rallied with Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday at the Yes We Can Community Center in Westbury during the third leg of the governor’s bus tour touting the benefits of $15 minimum wage for workers across the state. The current state minimum wage stands at $9.Cuomo’s latest pitch comes after his administration successfully enacted minimum wage increases for fast food workers and 28,000 employees of the State University of New York (SUNY) system that would over time surge to $15 per hour. The governor has made the so-called “Fight for 15″ a top priority of his 2016 agenda. And it’s all part of a campaign called the “Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice,” which has the support of nearly 100 religious leader across the state. “I am convinced when people understand what we are talking about, they’re going to support it,” Cuomo told the audience, which included lawmakers from across Long Island.He acknowledged that the fight would be a difficult one, and sought to frame the battle for a better living as one about “fundamental fairness” and opportunity, not government meddling further into the affairs of a free market.“That’s what this is about: being fair to people, being decent to people, understanding that we are all one community,” Cuomo said.The governor’s speech had the flair of a campaign rally. He arrived in a blue-and-red bus advertising his pursuit of a $15 minimum wage. Perhaps Cuomo wanted a small taste of the kind of retail politics enveloping states throughout the country amid a bewildering presidential primary.While some candidates, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have proposed increasing the federal minimum wage, it’s unlikely any such effort would be approved in a GOP-led Congress. As Cuomo sees it, if workers in New York are going to receive higher salaries, it’s up to the state itself to push the proposal over the goal line.Standing under a banner that read “NY Workers Deserve A Living Wage,” Cuomo said if organized groups lead the effort to spur personal economic growth, then elected officials would follow suit.Noting the state’s minimum wage of $9, Cuomo said, “You cannot support a family in the state of New York on $18,000 a year.”Also pushing for a state-mandated wage increase was Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.“As more families are forced to endure this struggle,” Bellone said, “the ripple effects in our economy effect everyone of us in this society.”Among those who would be directly impacted by a wage increase was Newsome, the home healthcare worker.“People like me, we work very, very hard every single day,” Newsome said. “Some days we work long hours, we take up overtime, we do everything we can in order to provide for our families.”“I love what I’m doing, this is what I feel good about doing,” she continued. “I’m helping people. I’m taking good care of people.”During his speech, Cuomo also called upon lawmakers to enact paid family leave.“You shouldn’t have to choose between going broke, losing your job, or doing the right thing at home. That should not be a choice.”There are currently more than 2.3 million New Yorkers who are paid less than $15 per hour. Long Island alone accounts for 382,236 of that total—second only to New York City. (Photo credit: Kevin P. Coughlin/Governor’s Office)last_img read more

Stop trying to fix millennials

first_img continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Millennials don’t leave companies, they leave their managers, says Antonio Neves, a millennial workplace speaker, author, and award-winning journalist.Young professionals want to be nurtured by leaders who are clearly invested and engaged in organizational and personal success, and won’t settle for managers who muddle through their careers.“Millennials aren’t something to be fixed. The same way Gen Xers, who were called slackers, weren’t something to be fixed. The same way baby boomers, who were innovative when they came to the workplace, weren’t something to be fixed. Millennials are something to be harnessed and appreciated,” Neves tells the CUNA News Podcast.last_img read more

The historian Jon Meacham, who wrote of ‘the soul of America,’ has been working on Biden’s speeches.

first_imgMr. Biden’s speech-writing process is run by Mike Donilon, the president-elect’s longtime adviser. But behind the scenes, Mr. Meacham has been playing a larger role than was previously known, both writing drafts of speeches and offering edits on many of Mr. Biden’s big addresses, including one he gave at Gettysburg last month and his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in August.TJ Ducklo, a spokesman for Mr. Biden, downplayed Mr. Meacham’s role. “President-elect Joe Biden wrote the speech he delivered to the American people on Saturday night, which laid out his vision for uniting and healing the nation,” Mr. Ducklo said. “Given the significance of the speech, he consulted a number of important, and diverse, voices as part of his writing process, as he often does.” Mr. Meacham declined to comment on his role.During the Trump years, Mr. Meacham has been a regular presence on both MSNBC and NBC News’ broadcasts, where he served as a paid contributor. Mr. Meacham, who has voted for presidents in both parties, played an unusual role during the campaign. He publicly endorsed Mr. Biden in an op-ed and received a prime speaking slot at the D.N.C. this year.“To record history doesn’t mean you are removed from it,” Mr. Meacham said over the summer, noting he had been friends with Mr. Biden for a long time.Mr. Meacham is currently not expected to join the administration. But his role helping to craft Mr. Biden’s biggest addresses has shades of the presidential historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.’s relationship with President John F. Kennedy. Mr. Schlesinger worked for Mr. Kennedy’s campaign and as a member of his White House staff.- Advertisement – The network declined to comment on Monday, but Mr. Meacham will no longer be a paid contributor going forward, according to a person familiar with the decision. That person added, however, that Mr. Meacham would be welcomed back on the airwaves as a guest.Indeed, Mr. Meacham appeared on MSNBC both shortly before and after Mr. Biden’s speech. About half an hour after the speech had concluded, the anchor Brian Williams introduced Mr. Meacham by saying, “I’m not the historian that you are, and I don’t have the Pulitzer that you do, but do you concur that is the way we are used to hearing from our presidents?”“Absolutely,” Mr. Meacham responded, without disclosing that he been involved in the writing of Mr. Biden’s speech. Jon Meacham, the presidential historian and biographer, has been helping to craft President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s speeches, according to multiple sources involved, including helping to write the acceptance speech that Mr. Biden that he delivered Saturday night from Wilmington.In that address, Mr. Biden spoke of a mission “to rebuild the soul of America, to rebuild the backbone of this nation, the middle class and to make America respected around the world again.” Mr. Meacham’s 2018 book, “The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels,” has long served as a touchstone for Mr. Biden, who read it and has reached out to Mr. Meacham in the past to discuss passages he liked.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – A Biden official added that Mr. Meacham was involved in discussions about the themes in the victory speech.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Gov. Wolf, Lt. Gov. Fetterman Urge Raising Pennsylvania Minimum Wage

first_img June 04, 2019 SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Minimum Wage,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf and Lt. Governor John Fetterman issued the following statements as hundreds of workers head to the state Capitol to rally for a living wage.Governor Wolf’s statement:“Hundreds of workers are in the state Capitol today calling on the legislature to finally raise Pennsylvania’s outdated minimum wage and I applaud Lt. Gov. John Fetterman for joining them.“While other states are raising their minimum wage to $15 per hour, Pennsylvania has the lowest wage allowed by federal law and it’s hurting workers. Pennsylvania is lagging behind 29 other states, including all our neighbors, in ensuring fair wages.“When jobs don’t pay enough, workers can’t afford the basics, like food or housing. That hurts families, businesses and communities. Raising the wage floor rewards hard work, boosts local economies and saves tax dollars as people work their way off government programs.“Pennsylvanians are renowned for our work ethic and polls show the public overwhelmingly supports increasing the minimum wage. A $15 minimum wage will boost incomes for 2 million workers, 61 percent of whom are women, which takes a step toward closing the gender pay gap. A staggering 89 percent of workers who would benefit are adults over age 20, and 37 percent are age 40 or older.“All hardworking men and women – no matter the age – have waited too long with low wages. It’s time for working Pennsylvanians to stop falling behind. The legislature must stand with workers and raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.”Lt. Governor Fetterman’s statement:“People deserve the dignity of being able to support themselves when they’re working full-time jobs. Workers being paid low wages are doing what their parents and grandparents did, but they are not getting anywhere; they still need to ask for help for routine expenses.“A single mom or dad who works 40 minimum-wage hours a week can’t afford childcare and needs to use safety nets to get by. We wonder why people are frustrated. This is one reason, and people have told us that time and again.“Poverty wages jeopardize food, housing, and transportation and contribute to intergenerational poverty. People are forced to use government-provided safety nets because they aren’t being paid enough. We need to do better, and we know we can afford to do better. Tell your legislator to raise the wage as 29 states, including all of our neighbors, have already done.”center_img Gov. Wolf, Lt. Gov. Fetterman Urge Raising Pennsylvania Minimum Wagelast_img read more

All this buyer wanted for Christmas was an art deco apartment block

first_imgOsmaston, at 598 Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm, has sold. Picture: from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus22 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market22 hours agoMr Koukides said the building attracted 120 inquiries and six offers before selling to a “well-known local developer”.“He walks past it on a regular basis and always wanted an art deco building,” Mr Koukides said.“He thought it was meant to be because he was the second buyer.“He actually missed out, but the first guy cooled off and so he got the phone call.” HOW MUCH? £3000 HOME SELLS FOR $4M PLUS This art deco building at 32 Moray St, New Farm, recently sold. One of the kitchens in Osmaston at 598 Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm.Mr Koukides said the sale was a welcome, early Christmas present for the property’s vendor, who was based in Athens.The property is in a prime location, walking distance to Merthyr Village shops and New Farm Park.Last month, another art deco apartment building in New Farm sold for $2.95 million to a local architect who plans to transform it into a family home.It was the first time the heritage-listed property at 32 Moray Street had changed hands in 81 years. Osmaston at 598 Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm, has sold. Picture: a 470 sqm parcel, it includes four two-bedroom apartments on the upper levels and two one-bedroom apartments on the lower level.The bathrooms and kitchens were renovated in the past 15 years. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE Selling agent George Koukides of First National Real Estate Metro marketed the property as being “highly sought after but rarely available” and offering strata title potential.center_img Osmaston at 598 Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm, has sold. Picture: ENTIRE block of art deco units in one of Brisbane’s best inner-city locations has sold for the first time in six decades for more than $2.4 million.Kept in the same family for generations, the property was built in the early 1930s and used to house some of the US navy during World War Two.The building, Osmaston, at 598 Lower Bowen Terrace, New Farm, generates a rental return of about $80,000 a year. One of the bathrooms in Osmaston, at 598 Lower Bowen Tce, New Farm.Mr Koukides said the buyer had realised what a good opportunity the property was, given there were only 17 art deco apartment blocks in New Farm.“He’s going to think about what to do with it before improving it, but it’s a long-term family hold.” GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY IN COOLANGATTA last_img read more

Achmea scheme’s booming Dutch property holdings deliver 24%

first_imgAt year-end, its infrastructure holdings totalled €20m.Despite the strong real assets returns, the €7.3bn pension fund posted an investment loss of 0.8% for the year as most of its asset classes had performed badly.Its overall result was worsened by the performance of its currency hedge, which lost 1.5% a year. After accounting for the impact of hedging, the fund lost 1.6% in 2018.Achmea attributed the loss on its currency hedge to the appreciation of the US dollar relative to the euro. It had fully hedged major currencies including the Swiss franc and the Australian, Canadian and Hong Kong dollars.Other Dutch schemes, including BpfBouw and Philips Pensioenfonds, were also hit by exchange rate fluctuations last year.Equities and bonds disappointAchmea’s equity portfolio produced an overall loss of 4.5%, with global equity down by 3.5% and emerging markets equity falling by 10.3%.The scheme said its large fixed income portfolio had returned 0.4% due to falling interest rates. Euro-dominated government bonds gained 3.5%, but emerging market debt lost over the year, with hard currency investments declining by 3.7% and local currency investments falling by 1.5%.The latter result was in part due to rising US interest rates, but Achmea also said the loss had been limited by the depreciation of local currencies, in particular the Turkish lira and Argentinian peso, relative to the euro.High yield credit fell by 3.9%, which the pension fund said was due to the “defensive approach” of its Worldwide High Yield Fund and underlying managers.Based on a funding of 124.5% at year-end, the Achmea scheme granted its workers full indexation of 2%. Its deferred members and pensioners received inflation-linked compensation of almost 1.2%.The pension fund reported costs per participant of €309 and said it had spent 0.25% and 0.09% on asset management and transactions, respectively.At year-end the scheme had 11,850 active participants, 19,895 deferred members and 5,395 pensioners. The pension fund of Dutch insurer Achmea recorded an investment return of 23.8% from its direct real estate holdings in 2018.In its annual report for the year, it said that the return – an outperformance of 9.4 percentage points relative to its benchmark – was caused by a revaluation of residential property and offices in particular.With a profit of 8.6% and an outperformance of 6 percentage points, infrastructure also performed strongly, Achmea said.The pension fund has since decided to switch its 10% real assets allocation to non-listed funds. As a consequence, it has divested its discretionary residential property portfolio and committed €200m to four real estate funds, as well as €75m to the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund.last_img read more

Former CEO of SBM Offshore gets jail time for paying bribes

first_imgEX-SBM sales exec gets 30 months behind bars Another man implicated in the scandal, Robert Zubiate, a former sales and marketing executive at SBM USA, was sentenced to serve 30 months in prison and a fine of $50,000.Zubiate, like Mace, pleaded guilty in late 2017 to bribery charges. According to his plea, from 1996 until 2012, he and others used a third-party sales agent to pay bribes to foreign officials at Petrobras in exchange for those officials’ assisting SBM and SBM USA with winning lucrative offshore oil projects from Petrobras.Zubiate also admitted engaging in a kickback scheme with the bribe-paying sales agent for SBM and its SBM USA.Assistant Attorney General, Brian Benczkowski, said: “Anthony Mace and Robert Zubiate played key roles in a massive bribery scheme that involved the payment of millions of dollars to public officials in exchange for lucrative oil-services contracts. Their actions rewarded corrupt officials’ greed and tilted the playing field against honest, law-abiding companies. Their sentences should serve as a warning to corporate executives everywhere: if you pay bribes to advance your business interests, we will catch you, and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.”Their sentences should serve as a warning to corporate executives everywhere.U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick of the Southern District of Texas added: “Pursuing corrupt companies and individuals who misuse our financial system to commit FCPA violations represents our commitment to keeping the integrity of American democracy in place both here and abroad. We will continue to prosecute such cases involving wrongdoing for corporate crimes and greed.”It is worth noting that SBM entered into a $238-million-dollar three-year deferred prosecution agreement with the United States in November 2017 over its role in the conspiracy. Its subsidiary, SBM USA, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate the FCPA.To remind, SBM in November 2014 reached a $240 million out-of-court settlement with the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office (Openbaar Ministerie) over the inquiry into alleged improper payments.The Department of Justice has once already investigated this case but decided to close it in 2014 based upon a lack of US jurisdiction, but reserved the right to reopen the investigation if new facts came to light.However, it then in 2016 reopened the investigation following a case in Brazil, when the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office made bribery allegations regarding several people in Brazil and abroad, including some (then) current and former employees of SBM Offshore, of whom one is a U.S. citizen.Settlement in BrazilSBM Offshore in September 2018 reached a deal with the Brazilian prosecutor under which the prosecutor will refrain from initiating new legal proceedings against the company related to legacy bribery issues in Brazil.The agreement provided – in addition to the amounts agreed in the previously signed leniency agreement – for the payment of an additional fine by SBM Offshore of $48 million. The additional fine is to be paid to Petrobras in installments: an upfront payment of BRL 60 million, with seven BRL 20 million installments thereafter.This additional agreement brings the total amount of the provision established by the company in respect of legacy issues in Brazil from $299 million to $347 million. SBM Offshore’s former CEO Tony Mace has been sentenced to three years in prison for his involvement in an international bribery conspiracy.Mace, a UK-citizen, who left the CEO position of the FPSO supplier SBM Offshore back in December 2011, was sentenced to 36 months in jail and a fine of $150,000.He previously admitted to being involved in a scheme to bribe foreign government officials in Brazil, Angola, and Equatorial Guinea which violates the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.According to admissions made in connection with his plea agreement, Mace acknowledged that, before he became CEO, other employees of SBM entered into an agreement to pay bribes to foreign officials including at Brazil’s state-controlled oil company Petrobras, Angola’s state-owned oil company Sonangol, and Equatorial Guinea’s state-owned oil company GEPetrol.Mace admitted that he joined the conspiracy by authorizing payments in furtherance of the bribery scheme and deliberately avoided learning that those payments were bribes.In particular, Mace maintained a spreadsheet reflecting payments to five individuals. He admitted that even though he was aware there was a high risk those individuals were Equatorial Guinean officials, he authorized SBM to make over $16 million in payments to those individuals.Mace further continued a practice that was instituted before he became CEO by splitting payments to SBM’s Brazilian intermediary by paying a portion of the intermediary’s commission to an account in Brazil and another portion of the agent’s commission to accounts in Switzerland held in the name of shell companies.In his plea deal, he stated that he deliberately avoided learning that the ultimate recipients of the payments that he authorized to the shell companies were Petrobras officials.last_img read more

Miss Dominica shines at Caribbean World Pageant

first_imgEntertainmentLocalNews Miss Dominica shines at Caribbean World Pageant by: – May 8, 2012 Nadira Lando; Miss Dominica 2012 and Miss Caribbean World Pageant 2012. Photo credit:caribbeanmagazine.comNineteen year old Nadira Lando has done it again, capturing her first regional pageant title after being crowned Miss Dominica in February of 2012.Lando who participated in the Miss Caribbean World Pageant at the weekend in Tortola outshined sixteen competitors at the Multipurpose Sports Complex on May 5th.Miss Dominica won the awards for Miss Photogenic, Best Costume and Best Swimsuit.Lando noted that she “worked really hard and my hard work has paid off” as this was her first regional pageant and “did not know what to expect”.Miss Dominica expressed gratitude to several Dominicans residing in Tortola for their support.“I got to meet several Dominicans who pledged their support and it was really great to be there on the night of the show; there were so many Dominicans in the crowd and I was really, really appreciative of the support”.She also thanked her chaperone former miss Dominica Nakita Bruno and the rest of her team for their support. The other awards went to; Miss BVI Abygail Hydman for Best Evening Wear, Miss Curacao Marvia Laurence for Miss Congeniality, Temisha Libert, Miss United States Virgin Islands Best Talent and Suzan Castano, Miss Dominican Republic won Miss Poised.The first runner up position was captured by Abigail Hyndman Miss British Virgin Island; Consuelo Dupal Miss St Lucia was Second runner-up, Alina Roberts Miss Cuba 3rd runner up and Marvia Lawrence Miss Curacao fourth.The contestants competed in five segments including swimwear, costume, talent and evening wear on Saturday however the interview section took place on Wednesday last week.Dominica Vibes News Tweet 261 Views   one comment Sharing is caring!center_img Share Share Sharelast_img read more