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Food PIC

first_imgFor the past 12 years, Georgia-based food companies have competed in the Flavor of Georgia Food Product Contest. Being named a finalist — or better, a winner — in one of the contest’s categories is a great boost for companies seeking success in the competitive food industry. A few of last year’s winners had one thing in common: they have worked with the University of Georgia’s Food Product Innovation and Commercialization (FoodPIC) Center.Held annually, Flavor of Georgia was created and is organized by the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development in partnership with Gourmet Foods International, the Office of the Georgia Governor, the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Agribusiness Council and Nadine’s Classic Cuisine. Flavor of Georgia was created to showcase products to food industry experts and grocery buyers who serve as the contest’s judges. Products are rated on qualities like flavor, innovation, use of a Georgia theme and market potential. Winners earn the right to add “Flavor of Georgia contest winner” to their packaging and promotion efforts.UGA researchers at FoodPIC, located on the UGA Griffin campus, help food entrepreneurs with product development, packaging, food safety, consumer acceptance and marketing.In 2018, New World Chocolate Milk won first place in the Flavor of Georgia dairy products category. Produced by Rock House Creamery in Newborn, Georgia, the chocolate concoction is the brainchild of Pike County High School student Nikki Dodson, who interned as a STEM student at FoodPIC.“New World is a high-end gourmet chocolate milk with a hint of mocha; it’s like a premium Starbucks coffee,” said FoodPIC Director Kirk Kealey. “The idea was to create a very distinctive flavor profile that you don’t quickly forget.”FoodPIC helped the creamery develop the first batch of the beverage, developed the nutrition facts panel and ran a shelf-life study.Pride Road, from Smyrna, Georgia, was a finalist in the 2018 Jams and Jellies category with its hibiscus jelly. FoodPIC helped the family-owned company take their product from raw material to end product.“They brought us raw, freshly harvested hibiscus flowers, which are more commonly used as a beverage tea in the Middle East,” Kealey said. “We took the fresh flowers and dried them and then used that to make a range of hibiscus products: jelly, jam, tea and chutney. The family submitted the jelly in the Flavor of Georgia contest.”Bunkhouse Beverages in Athens, Georgia, reached out to FoodPIC for advice on finding a bottler for their product, Ginger’s Bunkhouse Spicy Ginger Ale. The beverage was one of three finalists in their category last year.For the past four years, an expert from FoodPIC has served as a Flavor of Georgia contest judge.  “By helping judge the contest, we are networking with representatives of Georgia food companies, and that’s how we make introductions,” Kealey said. “We’ve met other judges who are now great resources for our future clients. They represent grocery stores, brokers and distributors. That’s what impresses me about (the Flavor of Georgia contest). It’s not just a food contest; it’s a major networking event where entrepreneurs can meet the people they need to connect within Georgia.”The UGA Department of Food Science and Technology works with every new food product that enters the market, said UGA food scientist Anand Mohan, who leads the department’s Extension programs.“We make sure products meet the standard of identity as it is written by the FDA and the minimum state and federal food safety requirements,” he said. “We also review labels so products are marketed correctly. We are the first screening gate for product food safety and regulatory requirements before the product is marketed in commerce. We look at all aspects of food safety including the formulation and packaging.”Next, the product must be approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.Mohan and his team have assisted several Flavor of Georgia winners, including Olympus Green Mountain Teas, whose Olympus Green Mountain Blueberry Citrus Tea won first place in the beverage category last year. The company has several Greek tea blends and Mohan suggested that they develop a blueberry-flavored tea using Georgia-grown blueberries.The final round of 2019 Flavor of Georgia judging is set for Tuesday, March 19. The grand prize winner will be awarded an exhibit space at the Georgia Food Industry Association annual convention — valued at more than $1,500 — and three consultation sessions from FoodPIC, a $1,500 value. All finalists receive a one-year Georgia Grown membership, courtesy of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.Registration for the 2019 contest is open at Early registration is $100 per product entry through Jan. 18. The price then increases to $150 and registration remains open until Jan. 28. For more on FoodPIC, visit read more

Six Men Killed in Northern Honduras

first_imgBy Dialogo January 29, 2013 Six men were shot with high caliber weapons by alleged gang members inside a shed in the northern city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, while they were playing cards on January 27, the regional authorities informed. “Unfortunately, six people died – all of them adult men who remain unidentified – by eight men that arrived in a vehicle, carrying bulletproof vests, and opened fire with 9 mm rifles, according to the shells that were left behind at the crime scene,” Commissioner Leonel Sauceda, head of Police in that city, located at 240 km north of Tegucigalpa, told the local media. The chief of Police said that, according to preliminary investigations, the perpetrators were from maras (gangs) that had been terrorizing the population in districts and neighborhoods of the main Honduran cities. He also stated that, so far, there were no major conclusions from the investigations, because the crime had just occurred, and they were waiting for forensic authorities to perform investigations and remove the bodies. Police contingents were deployed in the city, looking for the vehicle that was used by the alleged gang members. According to the United Nations, Honduras ranks first in murder rates worldwide – with 92 per 100,000 inhabitants – and crime rates continue to rise, despite the efforts made by Porfirio Lobo’s government to clean up the police force.last_img read more

The Tragedy Of The Yukpa People Fleeing Venezuela

first_imgBy Jaime Moreno / Voice of America January 10, 2020 The economic crisis in Venezuela has endangered the survival of the Yukpa people, an ancestral indigenous community that has been forced to emigrate looking for food.For centuries, the Yukpa people have lived in the Perijá mountains, Zulia state, but for the past three years at least 350 of its members live in an improvised camp near the Táchira River, in Cúcuta, Colombia.The tribe lives in poor conditions, but its members don’t believe that going back to Venezuela is an option. “We are doing some work here, looking for scrap metal. Children eat only once a day,” Dionisio Finol, one of the chiefs at the Cúcuta camp, told Venezuela 360.“Today I went to collect some scrap metal, and that’s how I support my children,” he added, as he described one of the most serious problems affecting the tribe: hunger.In Venezuela, the Yukpa people were devoted to agriculture, and part of what they produced was sold to buy basic foods, like rice or pasta. Due to inflation, these foods have now become luxury products.“You can’t buy [anything] with Venezuelan money, it’s too expensive, and you can’t find medicine and food. That’s not a problem here in Colombia, because you work and you eat,” says José, the other chief at the camp.“We struggle to eat and to prepare at least some soup,” says Noremi Romero, as she cooks for her eight children.The levels of malnutrition are threatening the future livelihood of the tribe, with children being the most vulnerable group due to the lack of food and nutrients to support their normal growth process.Limited helpTraditionally, the Yukpa people were split in two groups: those living in the Perijá mountains, on the Colombian side, and those in Venezuelan territory.Government assistance for the Venezuelan Yukpa is limited, because they are not legally recognized as binational indigenous people in Colombia. Consequently, they don’t have the same access to social programs as the Yukpa members who lived in the Perijá mountains on the Colombian side, who are protected under special indigenous jurisdiction.By the end of the 16th century, the Yukpa people sought refuge in the Perijá mountains to survive the violence of Spanish conquistadors. Today, starvation threatens the existence of a community that has been forced to leave their ancestral refuge in the quest for food.last_img read more

Long Island Doctor Charged With Selling Prescriptions

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A psychiatrist with offices in Ronkonkoma and Holbrook has been accused of illegally selling prescriptions for drugs to patients that she allegedly knew were abusing the medication and sharing with others.Nasreen Kader of Central Islip was charged with 15 counts of criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance, a felony. Suffolk County Judge Paul Hensley released the 48-year-old suspect without bail Tuesday.“A drug dealer is a drug dealer, whether they work on the street or inside a doctor’s office,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.State prosecutors began investigating her after two Long Island families complained that Kader was over -prescribing highly addictive controlled substances to their family members, authorities said. She is the latest in a string of Long Island doctors busted for similar crimes.She allegedly offered prescriptions for Xanax and Klonopin—tranquilizers used to treat anxiety disorders—and Ritalin, a stimulant prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, to undercover investigators posing as patients who admitted to not medically needing the drugs on 12 occasions between August 2012 and September 2013.Xanax, Klonopin and Ritalin are among the most frequently abused prescription medications aside from painkillers containing hydrocodone.Kader surrendered her doctors’ license to the state Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct in June. She faces up to 5 ½ years in prison on each count.last_img read more

How to create organic member growth, even with a small budget

first_img 35SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall is a consultant in the credit union industry, and can be reached for partnership and speaking opportunities through Your Credit Union Partner. Her background in community development includes … Web: Details Organic labelling – it’s a development that has evolved slowly and quietly across the nation, and has caught mainstream attention in the past few years.  Consumers want organic produce and meats, farmed nearby and without pesticides.  ‘Locally sourced’ is now a notable label and upscale restaurants boast about farm-to-table menus.  Organic implies healthy and natural, and in the credit union world, organic growth indicates you are doing something right.  Credit unions want organic growth because it means people become members because a real market need is being met. In a world where competition grows fiercer and larger every day, organic member growth can seem difficult, if not impossible to achieve.  It is not impossible.  Marketing dollars help, but even with small marketing dollars growth is possible.  Here are some strategies that have worked for our $9 million credit union in Chicago. In the last nine months these strategies have helped us completely reverse a three year decline in membership.Be relevant and community based, even if you aren’t a community charter:  Credit unions are by definition, cooperative organizations founded on the principles of people working together. It doesn’t matter whether your charter is SEG or employer based, mutual common bond, or community chartered. Anywhere there is a group of people there is a community.  All communities have unique needs. Identify where your credit union can meet needs of your community, even those that extend beyond financial products and services. Don’t pass up the simple solutions that promote good will toward the credit union. Some employees at our office noticed many female members walk in with young kids, and opened up a space in the credit union lobby for a Little Free Library book exchange stocked with children’s books. Another employee noticed traffic flow was not member –friendly and reorganized office space to make the area more conducive to relationship building. Over time, long-time members noticed the changes, and new members get a positive first impression when they walk through the door. That is the type of place members will refer their friends and family, and word of mouth growth is the best type of growth to attract. People now join because they learn about your service, not your low rates or the most up to date technology. They join based on your reputation for caring about their needs personally, and that is a community a credit union can help.Everyone is in member services:  Rare do you find a credit union that doesn’t adopt this philosophy. The member comes first, and every employee’s job is to help the member.  Whether that means picking up the phone to help a member with an account question or going above and beyond in service, credit unions have that down.  However, and just as importantly, some of your best strategies may not come from the top of the organization. Listen to the ideas your employees have about member services, and be willing to implement. Have conversations with people at every level of the organization about member service. Not every idea will hit a 100% home run, but each employee touches a different aspect of the member experience.  Having a wide angle view of the organization is a huge advantage, and never discount an idea just because it originated from a new hire or a back office employee. When employees believe their ideas make a difference, employee engagement goes up as well.Reassess your products:  A crucial question to consider, particularly if you are running a small or medium size credit union, is whether you and your employees are utilizing your institution as their primary financial institution or to access loans or both.  If not, it is time to assess the barriers to accessibility. It is a reality that many credit unions can’t compete with larger financial institutions on rate or technology or convenience, but rarely does that mean there is nothing to compete on. Sometimes one or two small adjustments can be an investment in long term growth.  Loan growth and member growth go hand in hand.  Review your policies to see whether your rates or credit criteria can be adjusted to serve more people while managing risk. Look at your technology and see whether a simple change in a process or a product might make a big difference.  You may not be able to add every technological advance that becomes available, but automating one or two manual processes may free up time to focus on bigger picture projects.  There is significant insight in your own internal utilization, and employee access is a great place to start your organization’s self-assessment.Get creative! People everywhere still want community and personal service and will come a long way to use your credit union if they recognize you truly want to make your products affordable and accessible.last_img read more

Grow your ‘curiosity muscle’

first_img“Making yourself accountable is the secret to hitting your goals,” says author Diana Kander. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »center_img If your credit union is wildly successful, be very worried. That’s when complacency sets in, says Diana Kander, author of “The Curiosity Muscle.”“Every dollar you make is a reason not to change,” says Kander, who addressed the 2019 CUNA Lending Council Conference Tuesday in New Orleans. “Hubris born of success makes us complacent. I want to make you paranoid—and much more curious.“Curiosity is the antidote to hubris.”Kander says applying four questions to every project will create a significant impact in your organization:last_img read more

Mother found not guilty in death of children in Otsego County Court

first_imgCOOPERSTOWN (WKTV/WBNG)- On Monday, a jury in Otsego County Court found the mother accused of killing her babies by falling asleep on them, not guilty. Kimberly Steeley of Decatur had been charged with two counts of manslaughter in the deaths of her twin infants, Bonde and Liam. Prosecutors alleged Steeley smothered her children by falling asleep on top of them. The defense claimed their was no explanation for the babies deaths. Police say Bonde, a girl, was found unconscious on June 5, 2018 at their home around 4:30 a.m. and later died at an Albany hospital. Eleven days later, Liam was also found unconscious in the same home, also early in the morning, and later died.center_img Steeley’s defense attorney Andrew Van Buren said, the autopsies of both children both said the cause and manner of death was undetermined and the mechanism of death was probable asphyxiation. Steeley had admitted she fell asleep while in bed with both children. She testified in her own defense on Friday.last_img read more

Two Binghamton businesses unite to make face shields

first_imgHe says they’ll use these face shields, “as another line of defense to help them battle this virus.” “We saw the need for it within New York State,” said Eck Plastic Arts Sales Manager, Sean Reardon. Between the two companies, they can create about one-thousand face shields per day. “We are going to be doing the assembling of the product of the face shields, so we are going to utilize blind labor,” said Fernald. Both businesses are doing what they can to keep their employees with a job. For more coronavirus coverage, click here. “This will allow us to bring back additional employees for the assembly,” said Fernald. Reardon says the face shields will be sold to places like the Ascension Health Care Group and UHS. They can do this while also giving back to the place they call home. “So we are taking the masks here that are coming in on sheets and we are stamping those out,” said Reardon. Then, the process moves over to Eck Plastic Arts. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Eck Plastic Arts and The Association for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment are teaming up to make face shields during the coronavirus pandemic. “Like” Jacob Seus on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter. “They are the ones making the ultimate sacrifice, and we are just giving them the tools to do it,” said Reardon. “We have been looking for ways to convert some of our business lines,” said AVRE President Ken Fernald. “We are also exploring different avenues within AVRE to distribute these nationwide if the demand is necessary,” said Reardon. The two created a partnership to make the face shields for their local community; the process begins with AVRE.last_img read more

Nedo Pinezić: I am a typical Aboriginal in Croatia, a member of Homo Bodulus, a nation that is dying out

first_imgI AM HOMO BODULUS My name is Nedo Pinezić, I come from the island of Krk and I am a typical Aboriginal in Croatia, so a member of Homo Bodulus, a nation that is dying out.Why did I start this way? Because I want to see the Islanders Act, not the Islands Act. Why am I saying this? Because each island for itself, especially in Croatia, is a small world for itself and all the people on our islands are different as the conditions on each island are different and we cannot, unfortunately, put all the islands in the same basket.Only in Kvarner Rab differs absolutely from Krk and historically and naturally and culturally and certainly, Cres from Lošinj and so on. What we have to take care of is to save life on the islands, but the life of us islanders. Or, I will mention a person I don’t really appreciate too much – Donald Trump, we should use his motto “Who’s first?” and put “Bodul’s first” in the foreground.Who’s first? Are they the first foreign investors, are they the first domestic investors to build large apartment houses on the islands or should I be the first with my family to live proven for over 600 years on that island and whose ancestors have preserved life and culture on that island and living conditions for all who come to the island.GUESTS ARE LOOKING FOR A MEETING WITH A LOCAL HOST The point of all this is to preserve the Croatian man on the Croatian island. Why is this important? Because of tourism, gentlemen.Tourism has changed, you may not be up to date enough, but the data I will now put on the table very clearly show that according to one of the most relevant platforms in the world –, which daily accommodates one and a half million guests in the world whose annual income is equal to Croatian income tourism, says that 2/3 of the guests who travel are actually looking for contact with local people, looking for an experience of local culture, looking for local food, and what is interesting from the aspect of health tourism, as I like to call it or healthy tourism because it is a much nicer word, and that is that 2/3 of the people who travel really care about their health on that trip and want active rest, good food and a spiritual element, which means communication with the hosts.I am sorry that I have to sink from this place these strategies of which we have 250 and under whose burden many shelves in closets in many Ministries have given way so far because every strategy in Croatia when written, the moment the ink dries is already obsolete because the world changing, gentlemen. We live in an era of a revolution called the digital revolution of the 21st century, and in Croatia we are still thinking about another revolution, we are somewhere between an internal combustion engine and the so-called click or internet revolution, so we have a deviation of 20-30 years for current world events.OUR DEVELOPMENT IS EQUAL TO TONS OF CONCRETE BUILT INTO A BAY We also mystify health tourism or healthy tourism and make a big story out of it that is not relevant at all. Why? All our tourism is health, all our tourism is wellness tourism. Sea, sun, swimming – what is it? It is health tourism. Why do people come to the sea, to the sun and to swim than because of the sun and health. Is there another reason? Not. They want the sea, they want to swim, they want the tone of their skin, they fill up with vitamin D and feel good and it shows on the faces of these people.And that’s how tourism started, only it actually started by going to the mountains in summer and to the sea in winter. Do not be disappointed if this happens again soon, because of climate change and we have to take this aspect into account. That is why I said that strategies are outdated, and that we base our development on other people’s capital, on other people and on foreign investments, and we constantly talk about it because our development is equal to tons of concrete that was built into a bay. It is our development, and our development is not how many domicile people we have kept in an area. And then we talk about the Laws, about interdepartmental cooperation, so it happens that we write the Law on Islands, and at the same time the Ministry of Tourism released a proposal for the Law on Hospitality in which they delete the boarding house service. And the boarding house service was just in the past system so that locals would not have to open a business, craft or build a hotel, to sell their 3 potatoes, 4 tomatoes and two sardines for dinner to their dear guests.We had a boarding house in the household in the 70s, we had one bathroom in two rooms, my mother cooked dinners and we never had better and better guests. These were Austrian industrialists who would come to the kitchen after bathing, dip their finger in the paddle, lick it and say “Mmmmm what a nice dinner.” Because then we could, what we can’t today, serve products that are branded on the island in our boarding house.Today, due to HASAP and the confusion of pears and apples where high standards for the food industry are applied in the micro segment of catering, where nowhere in the EU such a thing exists, I was in France and Italy, I saw that such a thing does not exist but only in Croatia. We kicked out homemade food from small boarding houses. You can’t buy something packaged without sanitary conditions, which are such that you go to the nearest market there, where there is a declaration and you can give it to your guest, and you can’t give that potato and tomato from the garden because it is very questionable.ARE WE ASHAMED OF OURSELVES?We have degraded ourselves, we ask ourselves where has Croatian pride gone? Do we believe in ourselves? Do we trust our people? There is one region in Europe called the Alpine region where Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria, countries close to us in the north, which we take as a model because they base their development on local indigenous products and link their agricultural products to tourism and hospitality.Apartments and “Bed and breakfast”, but with the hosts, with the people who welcome you, with the locals, with the indigenous Aborigines from the Alps, with people who live their local lifestyle and who offer their local lifestyle as a model. You said that life on the islands is wellness in itself, I agree, Mediterranean lifestyle, Mediterranean cuisine is certainly a form of living a life that is healthy. In the Alps they said – yes, we love the mountains, we live our lifestyle, come to us and enjoy that lifestyle together with us. And that’s how they are branded and that’s how they are sold. And on the other hand, they made a model of Wellness and Wellbeing for small family subjects, from apartments, small family hotels, bed and breakfast and boarding houses in the household because you as the host guide your guest through your life. You go to the mountains – he goes with you, you go to the sea with nets – he goes with you, you go for the sheep – he goes with you, you go to the vineyard – he goes with you.You serve him your food on the table and have your little decorated wellness items. Nature, air, environment, healthy food and indigenous lifestyle is what the modern tourist wants more and more today, and you also heard data from from the beginning of this presentation. What is the difference between Croatia and these would say hillbilly people who have such an embarrassingly high standard per capita. The difference is that their administration was able to turn an ordinary mountain shepherd, a lumberjack, a peasant into a square, a top caterer and tourist worker.In Croatia, we are ashamed of our man, we ban his boarding house, we are looking for investors from around the world who will invest millions of euros here and who will do something much better than we are able to in our own country, on our own island. Don’t I on the island of Krk have the right to build a future for me and my children in a way that suits me. Do I have to expose myself too much to loans, go into big investments and experience a crash that I would have to sell that property to some foreigner again and eventually leave my island?Is it a strategy for the development of Croatian tourism, is it a strategy for the development of the island or should this strategy focus on the man as he is. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom, two rows of vineyards, a boat and a longline or a flock of 10 sheep.Are we ashamed of ourselves and where has Croatian pride disappeared? That’s my question to you.Published by: Nedo Pinezić / Source: Otoci.euRelated news: GET INVOLVED. OPEN CONSULTATION ON DRAFT ISLANDS BILLlast_img read more

William Saliba sends emotional farewell message to Saint-Etienne before joining Arsenal

first_img Read More William Saliba will join up with Mikel Arteta’s squad imminently (Picture: Getty)William Saliba has promised his adoring Saint-Etienne fans that his ‘heart will always be green’ as he prepares to finally embark on his Arsenal career.The teenage centre-half signed for the Gunners last season but was loaned back to his boyhood club for the entirety of the 2019/20 campaign. Saliba had hoped to make one final appearance for Les Vert’s in next weekend’s French Cup final against Paris Saint-Germain but a compromise between the two clubs could not be reached.Saint-Etienne claimed Arsenal had been guilty of ‘imposing absolutely unacceptable sports and financial conditions’ but the Gunners responded with a strongly worded statement of their own, claiming the Ligue 1 club had been unwilling to let Saliba follow a specially designed fitness programme. AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT Full Screen Comment Metro Sport ReporterFriday 17 Jul 2020 9:09 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link10.4kShares Skip Ad by Metro Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling SPONSORED About Connatix V67539 / Read More PLAY Advertisement Coming Next 1/1 1 min. story Skip William Saliba sends emotional farewell message to Saint-Etienne before joining Arsenal Read More Read More Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Video Settings Read More Top articles Either way, Saliba is understood to have been left hugely frustated with a decision which has prevented him from competing in what would have been the biggest match of his fledgling career. Bidding farewell to the club at which he has earned a reputation as one of the most highly-rated young defenders in European football, he wrote: ‘It is time for me to say goodbye to you with great emotion and sadness, and above all to thank you, the Greens, for all these wonderful years that I spent from my arrival at the training center to the professional world.‘I want to thank all the coaches that I have had, who have made me progress and grow as a player and as a man. I would also like to thank all the club staff who work for our well-being on a daily basis.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘And of course I thank from the bottom of my heart all the wonderful supporters who have always believed in me. ‘Finally, I would like to thank all my teammates with whom I was able to learn and share wonderful moments. I’m going to miss this beautiful cauldron that I’m not about to forget. Saint-Etienne is my city and I will always have a Green Heart.’MORE: Saint-Etienne confirm Arsenal’s William Saliba won’t play in French Cup finalMORE: Mikel Arteta reacts to rumours Arsenal have done U-turn over William Saliba’s participation in the Coupe de France finalFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement Manchester United captain Harry Maguire last_img read more