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USDA Teaching Award

first_img The associate professor’s ability to inspire students and instill a new social consciousness has made her classes popular with students across the UGA campus and has won her national recognition. Students taking Maria Navarro’s classes are likely to come away with more than just knowledge of international agriculture. They tend to have a new concern about the health and wellbeing of the world’s population. She uses her experience to build a curriculum for her courses that invites students to look critically at their own worldviews and see how their lives affect people around the world, Akin wrote in his nomination letter for his former teacher. She recently accepted the New Teacher Award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture as part of the National Awards Program for Excellence in College and University Teaching in Food and Agricultural Sciences. She was one of two early career agriculture professors to receive the award at a meeting of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities in Denver, Colo. Before coming to the UGA as an assistant professor in 2005, Navarro worked on agricultural development projects in North Africa. “As an international affairs major, I had never really considered the importance of agriculture in global issues,” wrote 2012 UGA graduate Jeremy Akin, a former Fulbright Research Fellow to Uganda who took Navarro’s international agricultural development course in 2008. “Uncovering the link between rural agricultural development and violent conflict in Dr. Navarro’s class has undeniably influenced my academic and professional career. … I honestly doubt if I would have ever considered (much less come to value) the crucial role of agriculture in a community’s sense of security without Dr. Navarro’s skill in daring students to connect the dots.” “Dr. Navarro brings a social conscience to her classes that has changed the way her students view the world,” said J. Scott Angle, dean and director of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “She has been a champion for promoting diversity and globalization among our students. Dr. Navarro stands apart as a junior faculty member in that her impact on teaching has been campus-wide.” Navarro’s courses, including one entitled “Reflections on Fighting Hunger and International Agriculture Development,” have attracted students from many disciplines across UGA to think differently about agriculture. The USDA New Teacher Award recognizes undergraduate professors who demonstrate “sustained, meritorious and exceptional teaching” and who have been teaching for less than seven consecutive years. In her tenure at UGA, Navarro has been recognized by the UGA Student Government Association as an outstanding teacher and by UGA President Michael F. Adams with UGA’s Fulfilling the Dream Award that honors Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to justice and equality.last_img read more

Vermont’s ranks online MBAs, LLC, an online education research firm that reviews and ranks accredited online university degree programs, has released its 2010 Rankings of Best Buys in Online MBAs, Regionally Accredited. According to GetEducated’s online university rankings, graduate students should be prepared to pay as little as $6,750 or as much as $68,400 for a regionally accredited graduate degree in business administration (MBA). Average cost for a regionally accredited online MBA: $22,924. found 51 regionally accredited online MBA programs charging less than the average cost. Its top 10 Best Buys all charged below $14,000.Which schools charged the most for a distance MBA? Which charged the least? What other online MBA trends are notable? Click here for more information about’s 2010 Online MBA (Regionally Accredited) rankings._______________________________________________________________________________About, is owned by distance education experts whose mission is to help consumers get educated about quality online university degrees. The online education experts review, rate and rank accredited distance degrees nationwide for cost, quality and credibility. The firm’s comprehensive online university directory features the only verified online student reviews on the Web.Source: Essex Junction, VT, May 5, 2010 —last_img read more

Danish Wind Power Meets 44 Percent Of Demand For All Of 2017

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Numbers have just come out this week from the Danish energy organization [showing that] wind turbines delivered power equivalent to 43.6 percent of Denmark’s electricity consumption in 2017. This is a new milestone in the effort to transition the energy supply system in the country to be carbon neutral.2017 ended in a stormy December…and the year totaled an output of about 14,700 GWh…a new record year for wind in Denmark. Although wind turbines deliver a steadily increasing share of the Danish electricity supply, that does not mean that the number of turbines increases. On the contrary, today there are about 20% fewer wind turbines in Denmark than in 2001, when the number of wind turbines peaked. In 2017, about 6,100 wind turbines were in service according to the Danish Energy Authority.The turbines have become bigger and more efficient.Overall, capacity in Denmark has more than doubled since 2001, with today’s 5.3 GW wind capacity installed on land and water. By 2020, wind is expected to reach 50 percent of the electricity consumption in the country. In total, renewable energy, including solar and sustainable biomass, will cover 80 percent of electricity consumption in Denmark.More: Denmark Smashes All Previous Wind Energy Records In 2017 Danish Wind Power Meets 44 Percent Of Demand For All Of 2017last_img read more

Trail Mix – June 2015

first_img 5:12 3:22 2:36 Black Motel Chubby Knuckle Choir Please Baby Please The Revelers The Light Uncle Lucius Parade Nyx 3:55 2:54 I’ve Got To Leave You Now Darrell Scott Mind the Gap Instant Empire Black Rat Woody Pines Gates of Dawn Heartless Bastards Oh Darlin’ Kaia Kater 4:21 Violin Amos Lee Never Heard The Storm Jesse Terry 3:21 Danger The Railsplitters 3:53 4:20 Fair Share Blues The Honey Dewdrops 3:28 Baby Please Don’t Go Grant Dermody Little Bitty Dreams Will Hoge Audio PlayerWoody PinesBlack RatUse Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.00:000:00 / 3:01 2:57 4:30 Copy and paste this code to your site to embed. Will Hoge makes his Trail Mix debut with yet another tune determined to make you cry.Not too many musicians make me cry on a regular basis, but Will Hoge sure does.A couple years ago, a good friend of mine shared with me this video of Will singing “Trying To Be A Man.” Being a father of three, this tune crawled inside me and turned my innards upside down. With no shame, I share that was a puddled mess by the end, and even now the sheer emotion of the tune brings a gasp or two each time I listen.Will Hoge makes his first appearance on Trail Mix this month with “Little Bitty Dreams,” yet another yank-at-your-heart-strings ditty about balancing big time love with big time aspirations.This month’s mix is just rich with amazing tunes. Amos Lee makes his Trail Mix debut with a song recorded at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony, as do mother and son duo Madisen Ward & Mama Bear. Darrell Scott releases a record of tunes written by a good friend (and songwriting buddy) who died way too young after fighting pancreatic cancer. Chris Robinson, one of my favorite front men ever, arrives with a brand new track with his band, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. The Revelers – one of the best Cajun bands out there – is featured, as are Woody Pines, Tellico, and The Honey Dewdrops, three bands with Asheville roots. The mix gets gritty with Heartless Bastards, grassy with The Railsplitters, jazzy with the Charlie Hunter Trio, and funky with Turkuaz.Where else can you find this kind of music for free?Be sure to check out brand new tracks from Annabelle’s Curse, Sour Bridges, Instant Empire, Rhett Miller, Jamie Lin Wilson of The Trishas, Nyx, Grant Demody, Chubby Knuckle Choir, Barna Howard, Round Eye, The Budrows, Jami Lynn, Jesse Terry, Kaia Kater, Reina Del Cid, and Earnest Lovers.Be sure to pay attention to the Trail Mix blog this month. Chats with Darrell Scott, Jerry Lawson, Woody Pines, and Uncle Lucius are on tap. Also, if you are on Twitter, make sure to follow Trail Mix @BRO_trailmix. And, as always, get out and buy some of the great music these artists are sharing with you for free. Thank them for supporting Trail Mix by throwing some money your way. These great independent artists surely appreciate it. Indiana Rose Barna Howard 3:01 5:28 4:32 Sweet Annie Reina Del Cid 4:38 3:52 2:36 Tiptoe Through The Crypto Turkuaz 4:21 No Bad Whiskey The Budrows 3:36 Wine Jerry Lawson 2:37 Fine Life Sour Bridges 4:30 Just Some Things (Featuring Wade Bowen) Jamie Lin Wilson 4:48 Can’t Go Home Again Tellico 5:13 5:21 3:03 Still Missing You Earnest Lovers 3:25 5:18 Silent Movies Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear City Livin’ Round Eye 5:00 Lovedrunk Desperadoes Annabelle’s Curse Most In The Summertime Rhett Miller 3:44 Shore Power Chris Robinson Brotherhood Coyote, Why Ya Been Lookin’ so Thin? Jami Lynn Embed These People? Charlie Hunter Trio (Featuring Bobby Previte & Curtis Fowlkes) 3:38last_img read more

Trail Mix | David Childers

first_imgI first heard of David Childers seven years ago. A disc by the Overmountain Men, a side project involving Avett Brothers bassist Bob Crawford, ended up in my mailbox. Childers was featured prominently on the record and, considering that Crawford was a fan, I figured I should be paying attention, too.Childers, a former attorney prone to painting, poetry, and songwriting, proved worthy of my notice. 2014’s Serpents of Reformation is an incredible experimental take on gospel music, and it includes two of my favorite renditions of “Gospel Plow” and “Woman At The Well.” I am also a big fan of Room #23, recorded with his band, The Modern Don Juans.This month, Childers returns with Run Skeleton Run, released last week on the Ramseur label. This collection of tunes is typical Childers, with forays into vintage country, bluegrassy folk, and even some crunchy guitar rock. Throughout, each track is punctuated by Childers’ raspy growl. His eclecticism is something I appreciate about Childers’ approach to music and songwriting. With his music career picking up speed later in life, Childers isn’t afraid to cover all the bases, and he covers them all pretty darned well.Childers was kind enough to take some time recently to chat about the new record, growing older, and his interest in painting.BRO – Scott Avett is a big fan of your music and is featured on your new album, and Bob Crawford is a producer and your colleague in Overmountain Men. Does that make you an Avett cousin? Perhaps a favorite uncle?DC – I am a proud member of the Avett’s extended family, much like the old Scottish clans, where the families draw in other other families against the tides of adversity and challenge they faced. Of course, I can also be regarded as a “Dutch uncle,” but they’ve done a lot for me, especially Bob Crawford. More than I could ever do for them, and I pledged my fealty to them long ago. Their friendship and support have been gifts from God.BRO – Tell me about the last painting you finished?DC – I paint multiple pieces at one time. It started with just not wanting to waste paint, but I tend to be frugal and use every drop of paint I can. So I just finished an album cover for a piano pumping honky tonk lady in Ohio named Rachel Brown, a picture of a man and two ladies lying on the beach and relaxing in the sun, a picture of a formal party on a coastline with a violent red sky off in the distance, and a picture of Jesus and two of His disciples on the road after the crucifixion. I’ve got five more waiting on me to finish them.BRO – We are featuring “Run Skeleton Run” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?DC – I was painting a picture of a skeleton on a big piece of plywood and I just thought it would look cool to have some script on it, much like Robert Childers does in a lot of his pieces. The phrase “run skeleton run” popped in my head because the skeleton looked like it was running. I remembered hearing a great aunt tell the bloody bones story when I was a kid, and my imagination took off. Next thing I know, I’m sitting in front of the four track cassette records I use to write, laying the song down as it is now. It’s really fun to play, and little kids go crazy when they hear it. I like that. There’s a cool video out there done by Robert Childers and Corey Zeigler.BRO – I am intrigued about the fear you once felt of growing older. What kind of reassurances would the you of today offer the younger you in order to assuage those fears?DC – I went to Catholic school as a kid and learning about hell and eternity and it scared me. I never was very religious, though, until I hit my early 50s and got really exhausted and sick. I felt mortality closing in and it made me take stock of a lot of things, including my spiritual state, which translates into one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. I really can’t advise anyone else on how to live or how to feel. People have to learn their own lessons in life and grow wiser. Or not. I don’t know if I am wiser than I was, although I’m certainly older, but I have tried to take care of my body by eating right, getting sleep, and loving all I can and being as positive as much as I can. I’ve tried to take care of my spirit and emotional health by living as honestly as I can, although that’s hard sometimes, but it’s always worth it in the end. Body, mind, and spirit all work together. Cultivate evil and you will receive evil. Good generates good.BRO – Bigger challenge . . . writing a compelling legal brief or composing a song that moves you?DC – I have written a lot of briefs in the last fifteen years, but since things have developed in a more positive way with my music, I have turned in my law license and I will never write another one. It’s serious business and hard work. There is no room for slack or imprecise language. It required much more than writing. like a thorough knowledge of what you were writing about, and facts, evidence, law, and precedent at law. Overlying that is the knowledge that someone else is going to receive help – or not – depending on how well you do your job. Writing songs is nothing like that. Nobody gets screwed if  don’t write a good, persuasive song. There’s just no comparison. I work my songs for a long time before I trot them out to people’s ears, but that is nothing like the pressure involved in preparing a good legal brief!This month, we offer you a David Childers double whammy. Featured on Trail Mix is the title track of David Childers’ new record, “Run Skeleton Run.” And, this week, Trail Mix offers up the world premiere of the new video for “Belmont Ford.Check it out now!Belmont Ford from Cracker Farm on Vimeo.You can catch David Childers this weekend in Lexington, North Carolina, at High Rock Outfitters. For more information on Childers, his tour schedule, or how you can get a copy of Run Skeleton Run, be sure to visit his website.And make sure to check out the title track from Childers’ new record, along with new tunes from Pokey Lafarge, Yonder Mountain String Band, Charlie Worsham, and more on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

Observations from YMC’s Stand-In CEO

first_imgWhen the big man with the spiky hair leaves to travel on business, it’s in my paws to run the office at Your Marketing Co. It took a while to get used to the different personalities, but I think I’ve got them figured out.In my few months here, I’ve learned a few things about employee morale. At first I thought my humans were dim-witted, but I’ve come to learn that they are smarter and more complex than I initially believed.Here’s what I have learned:Always share. “Sharing” is a human word that I’ve recently learned. Whether it’s ideas, toys or food, sharing is a way to bond with coworkers. My humans always provide their pens, keys and dangling headphones for me to play with. I don’t think they’ve realized that everything belongs to me, but I’m willing to share. continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

BLOG: Protecting Pennsylvania’s Seniors

first_imgRead more agency year in review blog posts.Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: By: Teresa Osborne, Secretary of Aging BLOG: Protecting Pennsylvania’s Seniors January 14, 2016center_img Government That Works,  Healthcare,  Seniors,  The Blog,  Year in Review Ensuring that Pennsylvania’s government is working for all citizens of the commonwealth is one cornerstone of the Wolf Administration. In my department, we are thrilled that one of Governor Wolf’s top priorities is to protect older Pennsylvanians from all types of abuse and to ensure that they can age in place, in their homes and communities, with the dignity and respect they deserve.Given the state’s commitment to these values, the Department of Aging strives daily to serve, protect, enable, and empower the commonwealth’s 2.7 million persons age 60 and older who call Pennsylvania “home.”By working with the Governor’s Office and other state agencies on initiatives intended to promote quality of life and provide quality care to older adults, the Department of Aging serves as the focal point of state coordination and planning for all long-term services and supports.Our success is in our capacity to demonstrate how we work to support older Pennsylvanians by providing key assistance, such as community-based long-term services and supports, as well as pharmaceutical benefits that keep people healthy and active in their homes and communities.Improving Medicare AssistanceDuring 2015, the department’s State Health Insurance Counseling Program (SHIP), commonly referred to as APPRISE, provided free, unbiased assistance to help guide Medicare beneficiaries through their many health insurance options, including Medicare and Medicaid, Medicare supplement insurance plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare prescription (Part D), long-term care insurance policies, and other health insurance and public benefit programs.As a result of these efforts, 6,541 individuals were enrolled in “Extra Help” or the low-income subsidy, 2,787 were enrolled into a Medicare Supplement Program, and our APPRISE Program ranked 7th among all states nationwide by the federal Administration on Community Living (ACL) which evaluates the performance of all SHIP programs.Improving Hospital AccessAdditionally, on November 30, 2015, Governor Wolf announced that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania had reached a decision in the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) and Highmark Medicare Advantage case.In this decision, the Supreme Court affirmed and upheld the ruling handed down earlier in the year by the Commonwealth Court preserving in-network access to UPMC hospitals and doctors for nearly 182,000 western Pennsylvania seniors with Highmark’s Medicare Advantage health insurance plans until 2019.Our department’s APPRISE Program staff played a significant role in ensuring this successful outcome, as the final opinion of the Supreme Court pointed directly to the testimony offered by the APPRISE Program. This decision is not only a victory for the commonwealth, but also a huge victory for seniors across western Pennsylvania. Moreover, a decision like this strikes at the heart of why the leadership and presence of the APPRISE Program is so important.Improving Senior SafetyIn September 2015, the department was notified by the Federal Administration on Community Living that ‘Healthy Steps for Older Adults,’ a falls prevention program, was deemed to meet the highest-level evidence based criteria established by the ACL.This honorable distinction was achieved following a rigorous evaluation and testing period and allows the department to continue to qualify for funding and to make the program available for other states to replicate.Improving Prescription AccessAs the administrator of the PACE (Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly) Program and PACENET Program, the department provides comprehensive prescription coverage to older Pennsylvanians while also protecting program participants from adverse drug events.Since its inception, through the PACE Program, the department has implemented several initiatives intended to support the needs of older Pennsylvanians through the PACE Program.One such initiative is the SUSTAIN (Supporting Seniors Receiving Treatment and Intervention) Program. In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, support is offered to best address the behavioral health needs of low-income, elderly persons who live in the community. The program’s goal is to identify community-dwelling elders at risk of poor health outcomes, including nursing home admission, and to support those elders and their primary care physician to manage their mental health care, consistent with evidence-based guidelinesDuring the past five years, over 4500 seniors have been engaged through this program. In October 2015, the work of the SUSTAIN program received the American Psychiatric Association’s Psychiatric Services Achievement Bronze Award, a distinction that recognizes another facet of the proactive, positive steps taken every day to ensure that older Pennsylvanians are served and protected.Improving Direct Care Worker EducationIn addition, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Homecare Association’s online ‘My Learning Center’ tool, we saw a 28% increase in new site users. As a result, there are over 14,150 more direct care workers who accessed free training on topic areas such as Elder Abuse and Neglect, Understanding Dementia and Pain Management for older adults thus providing better care and protection to those who need it most.On Track for Another Great YearI am delighted to continue the great work of my department in 2016. I know that with the successes of 2015 as our foundation, Pennsylvania will continue to see tangible results of the Wolf Administration’s commitment to seniors.For more information on the Department of Aging’s programs and services, please visit or call 717-783-1500. SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

School costs parents more

first_imgNZ Herald 10 Sep 2012Increase in ‘voluntary’ donations outstrips rise in Government funding under National. The amount parents paid in school donations jumped more than $23 million between 2008 and 2010 – a 31 per cent increase over a time in which Government funding for schools increased by 8 per cent. Ministry of Education figures show parents paid a total of $98.4 million in donations to schools in 2010 – up from $75 million in 2008. The figures were obtained by Labour, which said donations increased by only 6 per cent over the six years preceding 2008, when it was in Government. The sharpest increases in donations were in mid-decile schools – the total raised in donations by decile seven schools increased by 56 per cent, and the increase in decile four schools was 46 per cent. The only decile in which less was received was decile one schools, where the amount had dropped by 7 per cent. Labour leader David Shearer said it was likely that was because of parents’ inability to pay. The donations have long been controversial – although they are legally voluntary, schools have taken steps such as calling in debt collectors to follow up on non-paying parents. read more

Karcz captures first SpeedZone feature win

first_imgOSHKOSH, Wis. (June 27) – Veteran Larry Karcz Jr. made his first-ever visit to victory lane at Oshkosh SpeedZone Raceway Friday night.The Total Power Sales IMCA Stock Cars saw Justin Jacobsen in front on the opening circuit with Karcz, David Hoerning, John Heinz and Dylan Heilmann close behind. The battle was a three-car contest the entire way, with Jacobsen able to deal with the pressure. Karcz went to the high side and retook the runner up spot with five laps remaining and pulled along­side Jacobsen. Karcz was scored as the leader as the white appeared and was able to hang on to collect his first-ever SpeedZone feature win and also his first feature win of the sea­son. Jacobsen finished in second with Heinz third. Marcus Yarie caught John Shultz for the lead following a lap 12 restart and won his second Automo­tive Supply Company IMCA Modified main event of the season.Steve Schneider won for the fourth time in the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods.last_img read more

COVID-19: Kenya among four African countries participating in clinical trials

first_imgIn his report, Dr Nkengasong said Africa targets to vaccinate 60 percent of her population at an estimated cost of 10 to 15 billion USD once the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available.Also Read  COVID-19: Kenya records 98 new cases, 62 recoveries, 2 deathsIn their report presented by Rwandan economist Donald Kaberuka and Zimbabwean businessman Strive Masiyiwa, the envoys applauded the IMF for being the most responsive bilateral institution to Africa’s Coronavirus response.Mr Kaberuka said the lender had injected a total of USD 23.5 billion into African economies in the last four months, followed by the World Bank (14.3 billion USD) and African Development Bank (700 million USD).The former president of the African Development Bank said Covid-19 risks wiping out a decade of Africa’s economic progress and warned that the next three to four years will be particularly tough for the continent.Also Read  Uhuru extends curfew ahead of his address Tuesday next weekMr Masiyiwa said a total of 51 countries had subscribed to the Africa Medical Supplies Platform. Among these nations are six Carribean countries led by Barbados.The platform, he said, has attracted 800 suppliers including eleven African manufacturers offering 600 products, including all key Covid-19 medicines recommended by WHO.In his address, President Kenyatta said Africa needs to elevate its global partnerships in the search for a Covid-19 vaccine so as to “ensure that African countries are not further marginalised but are positioned to be among first line of beneficiaries, once a breakthrough is made”.He commended the special envoys for their efforts in helping the continent deal with the health and socioeconomic impacts of Covid-19.Also Read  Women leaders welcome CJ’s decision to dissolve Parliament“The economic challenges we face require concerted multilateral effort, such as prioritising debt cancellation and Bretton Woods led relief package, that do not exacerbate emerging local challenges,” he said.President Paul Kagame (Rwanda) and President Filipe Nyusi (Mozambique) speaking on behalf of the East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) emphasized on the need to ensure that Africa is not left behind in the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine when ready.The African Heads of State present at the meeting were African Union Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa, President Uhuru Kenyatta and President Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite crossing the one million mark of COVID-19 infections, Africa had in the last two weeks witnessed a reduction of 37 percent reduction in reported daily infections.Speaking during a virtual meeting of the African Union Bureau convened to discuss the continental response to the Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday evening, the Director of Africa CDC Dr John Nkengasong informed the African Heads of State that seven Covid-19 vaccine trials were nearing World Health Organization (WHO) approval.Four African countries among them Kenya are participating in the clinical trials for these vaccines. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and African special envoys on Covid-19.Get breaking news on your Mobile as-it-happens. SMS ‘NEWS’ to 20153last_img read more